Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bad Beat Jackpot

My friend was playing the 15/30 tables and the bad beat jackpot was hit. He reluctantly folded his J8o in MP1 after UTG raised. A bunch of callers and the flop comes AJA, LP bets and a couple callers including the initial UTG raiser. Turn is a K and the same betting happens. River is another K and UTG now bets, LP raises and they cap it. UTG had AA and LP had KK, quads vs quads. Runner runner perfect, what are the odds of that!? The loser of the hand got $100,000 and the winner got $50,000. My friend received $7,200 for folding his J8o. One person at the table was incredibly pissed off because he was sitting out at the time of the hand, bummer.

Back In Action

Alrighty then, I haven't posted in quite a while because I haven't been playing much poker. I took a break where I stopped playing poker for around 4 days. Then when I decided to play some poker, I only went and played the $1/2 $200 NL game. Before taking my break I had gone on the worst run. 2 outers here, 3 outers there. I was down around $1,500 when I decided it was time to take a break. The final hand that did it was when I called a min-raise in EP at a 2/4 game with TT. Flop is T high and he bets half pot. I call and the turn is a blank. He bets much bigger this time and I raise 4x his initial raise, committing a lot of my stack. He calls and the river is a K. He takes the $800 pot with KK. That set me off and I was just so frustrated and fed up I couldn't continue playing.

During my break I watched a lot more T.V., went out with friends, and tried to teach myself some more graphics programming (I'm going to be a game programmer one day :) ). When I went to the poker club with my friends I decided not to play the big 2-5nl game they had going there. It was the first time they had it running and by the end of the night there was some pretty deep stacks playing. I honed my pool skills and played some XBOX instead. I finally decided to play some poker online because I was craving it just a bit. Over the past 3-4 days I've made around $1,000 and maybe, just MAYBE I can pull myself out of this months hole by making another $500 before the month is over.

Yesterday I even played a qualifier for the Friday NL $200+$15 Special on Party Poker and won. I ended up placing 211 out of around 700 when my semi blind steal all-in with A9o in the CO got dominated when the big blind woke up with AA. Wouldn't that be a nice return to turn $26 into a $30,000 payday if I had won the tournament. I played some of the $200 tables on Party today and managed to scrape up a $200 win when my KK cracked UTG's limp-reraise with AA. I flopped a K and check-raised all-in on the flop.

I was reading through the usual blogs and noticed that SirFWALGMan posted that he had nearly busted out his entire bankroll ($3,000) over the past couple days. I actually watched him play a couple times at the 5/10 6max tables and cheered him on. The other day I noticed he wasn't playing his usual 5/10 6max, but instead was playing a 10/20 6max table. He looked to be playing a lot of hands, calling down with marginal hands that most likely weren't winners. I knew something was wrong and messaged him about what was going on. He claimed he was tilting and blowing his money, this was exactly what he was doing and it hurt to look at. He knew what he was doing but didn't want to stop even after I told him he should. There's a lesson to be learned from him and many others that have gone through the same thing as he has. Poker is not just about playing cards, at the same time, it has a lot to do with bankroll management. On top of that it can do crazy stuff to your head and that's what he went through. You need to be able to control yourself, stop when you're supposed to, and continue when you're supposed to.

Bankroll management is crucial to being a successful poker player. You need to know which limit you can play, which limit you can't play, and which limit you can take a 'stab' at. I can personally tell you that 5/10 6max is a crazy game with HUGE variance. While most people say you should have 300BB for a limit, in 6max games I think you should have almost double that, or around 600BB. Unless you get off to a good start you can lose a 2-3k bankroll playing this game even though the players there suck REALLY bad. Sometimes, a downswing just hits you so hard and there's nothing you can do about it. Make sure you're playing a limit that you're comfortable with and that your bankroll is comfortable with. Move up when you have some cushioning so that if you do lose you can still easily fallback a limit and be comfortable again.

What happened to him can and has happened to the best of them, many pros claim to have gone broke several times. After all, poker does have luck and gambling sense to it. Everytime you play you're risking money and if you lose control you risk losing a lot of money. Everyone has tilted, everyone has blown money away. You need to learn from your mistakes and others mistakes. Learn, practice, play your A game all the time. I wish Sir the best of luck and if he does decide to continue playing poker I'm sure he'll make a great comeback. It's always hard to see a fellow poker blogger leave the community.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Post Coming Soon...

I'll post a CocaCola-fueled uber-post tomorrow.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Break Time

I think it's time for a break. It might be a short break, it might be a long break, but a break is needed. I'll let you all know when I come back. Until then, I wish you all the best of luck at the tables. Keep cracking those rockets with the hammer!


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Poker And Zen

I'm sure I'm one of the many people who get too involved with the wild game of poker emotionally. I'm trying to work on it, one hand at a time. Trying not to concentrate on the bad beat I just took and concentrate on the hand I'm playing right now. I came across an article written by Howard "The Professor" Lederer. You might want to check it out, it can apply to other things besides just poker.

Poker And Zen

I Think I'm Lazy

I haven't posted in awhile, mostly due to being lazy, but that's me! School is taking up a bit of my time, and even though it's not that much, I still manage to skip classes. Poker has been lame as usual, I'm still running bad and having a losing month which is just horrible for me. This is the first month since I started playing poker where I'm in the minus, I hope I can pull through and end up by the time February rolls around.

I was reading the 2+2 forums and ran across a ton of posts on the new 'TILT' show on ESPN. Sadly, we don't have ESPN in Canada unless we get satellite. The people bashed the show, saying that it shows people who don't play poker that the game is all about cheating. Does this help poker or will people be less likely to now learn to play poker and feed the aquarium with fresh blood. Personally, I think anything to do with poker is a good thing. If people don't watch the show, they're not going to know about poker anyways, at least the show feeds some people's curiousity about the game.

Last night I went to the new poker club that opened up here in Ottawa. I've been there a couple times and love going there not for the poker, but for the pool table and XBox with a HUGE TV. I'm getting better and better at pool each time I go and it's such a fun game, I can't wait to buy a pool table. I didn't win much and wasn't getting many cards at all during my time at the table. One hand made me some cash where I called an EP raise to $8 with AKo (1/2 blinds). 3 other callers and the flop comes A9rag. It's checked through to the button who bets $50 into the $40 pot, folded to me and I re-raise all-in to around $75, he had AT and didn't improve. I didn't get any high pocket pairs, no sets, and no straight for the entire night, that's poker though, right? There are a ton of bad players there though, so if you do get some nice cards, it's easy money. My friend finished with $500 from a starting stack of $100, he hit some nice hands and got payed off.

My online poker has been slow. I've been working off the new Party Poker bonus and playing the Bad Beat Jackpot since it was so high, $750,000+. It's 15% up to $100, deposit around $750, play 1000 raked hands and you get $100 added to your account. The deposit bonus code is JAN05REL! Free money while you win at poker, what could be better? The BBJ was hit today though so no more of those tables for me. I'm halfway through my raked hands and I'll probably finish them off at the $50 or $100 NL/PL tables.

Over at Prima I'm still battling it out at the 2.5/5 tables. I've slowed down with the 5/10 while I'm on this bad run, once it passes and I'm back to normal I'll continue play there. The games can be really good sometimes. The players love to play uber-aggressive, and almost always follow up their preflop raise with a pot sized bet. I find myself constantly check-raising in this game to get more money out of my opponents. Aggressive play is usually rewarded and I've been trying my best to improve my game in that category, but when you play too aggressive like a lot of the players in the 5/10 game you end up losing a lot of money by betting your missed hands and getting either called down or raised.

Oh yea, I received my PokerStars stress stars in the mail. They're too damn hard! I'm going to end up pulling a muscle of something by squeezing this stress star. I guess they built it for those people who are overly crazy. I use my stress star to play catch against my wall, with its odd shape you never know where it'll go! ;)


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Writing Material

What do you, the readers, want me to write about. What do you think would be interesting to read?


Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm So Fucking Frustrated

I can't even tell you how frustrated and pissed off I've been lately with poker. I've consistantly been taking beats when I'm a huge favourite and I wouldn't mind if they were small pots, but it's always those huge pots where they suckout on the river when they only have less than 20% chance of winning. Why, why does it always happen to me! I feel like Matusow in the WSOP and I seriously just want to cry like him sometimes too, I can't stand it! I play perfect poker and people call me with their dumb hands, chase their dumb straights without getting any odds whatsoever and they hit their miracle card on the river. I jsut want to explode.




Sunday, January 09, 2005

Expectations For 2005

I've been running bad lately and it's been for an extended amount of time. Today was my first day where I booked a nice win of $700 which made me happy. While in the drought I had those thoughts run through my mind of if I wanted to quit, what I needed to change, where is my poker going and so on. I enjoy playing poker not so much for the game but more for the money. I still like the game, I just love the money more. Of course I decided not to quit and to continue playing because in reality, the money coming is in great, and it just keeps growing. With that in mind I thought about the future and what I expect to happen.

Currently I'm playing all stakes between 2/4 and 5/10 regularly, depending of course on who's playing and how the table action is going. My bankroll did recently take a hit when I withrew a large part of it for dental work, yes, dental work! Currently I have around 8k online and intend to continue playing the stakes I'm at and rebuild the bankroll. This year I am definately looking to move up to the 10/20 NL games online, I know I can do it and I will, it's just a matter of time.

Also I'm looking forward to going on a poker trip of some sort. One of those large tournaments in the caribbean or on a cruise. I need a break from this awfully cold weather here in Canada and way down south is perfect for me. My friend who won first place of $17,400 in the $30 rebuy which I mentioned in an earlier post is looking to do the same, we'll probably end up going together. He's going to play in the Canadian Poker Tour in Edmonton at the end of January but I told him I wouldn't be able to make this trip with him.

Finally, I'm going to spend the money that I'm earning this year from poker on a pool table for my apartment and a new car. Since I was accepted to school again I need transportation, and while I can use public transportation it probably looks a bit better to the ladies if I'm driving a nice car. I love playing pool also and it would be an awesome addition to my apartment so I can take a break from poker and just shoot some pool with my roomate or friends. I just need to focus on improving my game, playing consistant poker, and increasing my earn rate. Once those three are done everything else will fall into place and I'll have a great year. I'm looking forward to it, aren't you?

What are you looking to buy with your poker earnings this year?


Friday, January 07, 2005

Lucky Dozen

I just wanted to remind everyone of the promotion that Check 'N Raise poker is having. They are offering freerolls into WSOP seats, all you have to do is play regularly enough.

This is how it works. When you play on their site they track how many hands you've played, how many Check Points you've earned, and how many Frequent Tournament Point you've earned. There are 3 weeks remaining and every week on Sunday the stats are reset for the new week to begin. The top 50 players from each category listed above gain entry into the freeroll based on how well they did for the week. If you were 1st out of Hands Played for the week then you get a freeroll into a 12 player tournament, winner gets the $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat + $1,000 spending money. If you placed 2nd to 10th in any of the categories, you gain entry into the freeroll for the $5,000 WSOP seat + $1,000 spending money. Finally, 11th to 50th play in the freeroll for the $1,000 WSOP seat + $1,000 spending money. The players on this site are horrible and you'd have a great chance at winning a seat to one of these tournaments if you qualified.

Stats are reset and the new week begins this Sunday so clear your bonuses at Check N' Raise and become one of the Lucky Dozen to win a WSOP seat!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year Blues

Everyone around me is winning big, am I the only one who hasn't had an amazing start to the new year? I've read many blogs, Matt at The Poker Chronicles, Predator at Poker Quest, and SirFWALGMan at Online Poker Thoughts all seem to have brought the new year in with a bang. I on the other hand came back to my apartment in Ottawa and on my first night managed to drop $800 fairly quickly after having my AA cracked by a flush in a 2.5/5 game and my set of 9's cracked by a straight in a 5/10 game. It wasn't looking pretty but I managed to come back and only finished down $250 for the night.

I've started to play some 5/10 6max again. I have around $1,000 at Party that I left in there and I'll be using that to only play the short handed games. Maybe I can build a bankroll there just from short handed games, we'll see, this is my third attempt. I seem to get annoyed with the variance that the SH games bring. I'm just going to take it slow and 1 table there and work on slowly building it up if I can, if not I lose $1,000 and move on. I've read a lot of posts on 2+2 in the SH forum but ofcourse since I'm new I usually don't know what to do in certain situations after I've raised preflop and the flop has missed me. I follow up with a bet but shutdown after I'm called and checked to again on the turn. I'm also not sure about starting hands, those marginal hands that I've always taught myself not to play such as A9 or KT. Does anyone ever limp or are the games beaten by almost always raising and pure aggression? It would be nice to have someone who also plays these games to chat to on MSN and discuss certain hands that were played. Maybe I'll look around for one. Back to the tables for now, I have a lot of catching up to do.


Sunday, January 02, 2005

Holidays Are Over

The holidays are over and I'm back home from home. I'm pretty exhausted from the trip but I need to get back into the swing of things with poker soon. Just need some rest and I'll be back to posting.


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