Sunday, October 31, 2004

Alright, I Give Up!

I tried to give a shot at the 5/10 6max tables once again and the game is just not beatable. Maybe it is and I just have the worst luck in the world, which sounds about right. In general I am just a very unlucky person and bad things always happen to me, I guess that's just how I was born.

I cannot win at the 5/10 tables and I have no clue how others like Matt at www.ThePokerChronicles.com does it. If I have any other pocket pair besides AA an overcard ends up coming by the river and one of the other 5 fish at the table are there with that card. If I hit top pair top kicker with AK one of the other 5 fish at the table calls me down with mid or bottom pair and turns or rivers his two pair or trips. If I hit a set one of the other 5 fish catch their runner runner straight or flush draw. What am I supposed to do? There's nothing to do. I give up. With the way the garbage NL tables have been lately I don't even know what to play anymore. This game sucks!


Saturday, October 30, 2004


The 200 tables at Party have been pretty bad as of late. Most of the time the average pot doesn't even get over $120. On occasion there will be two big pots back to back and spike the average pot up to 180 or more, I'll get all excited, take a look and see the table back to it's original rock form. After browsing the Shorthanded forums on 2+2 I decided to change up what I've been playing a little and went to take another stab at the 5/10 6max games. While the players are very bad at these tables, they also suckout a lot, which sent me packing last time I tried to play (if you remember from my posts a long time ago). I believe I ended up down a couple hundred and decided to give up. This time around I got off to a nice start and finished my first day up around $400, yesterday was a break even day and today I'm up another $100 or so.

The problem I find is I lose a ton of money when I go on a string of cards that simply do not hit. The AK-AT's hit nothing and when I follow up with flop bets everyone calls me down and I have to give up on the turn. The players at these limits will usually call you down with any pair, and with my bad luck, they always end up turning or rivering two pair. I seem to lose money a little at a time but then make a killing when I hit a nice streak of cards that hold up. Maybe I'm supposed to loosen up a bit, I'm not sure. My VP$IP for my first 1,000 hands is 17.6 which is at the bottom of the scale according to 2+2's standards (17-23%). I do know for a fact that my aggression is horrible, I'm just not that aggressive of a player and never was. I won't 3bet preflop with mid pocket pocket pairs (77-TT) and I don't continue the aggression post flop unless I have a monster. If there are any callers I usually shutdown. I really have to improve this part of my game if I intend on winning more. So far I'm at 4.67 BB/100 but I'm sure that'll be dropping soon.

Last night I played in the $5 rebuy on UB with DoubleAs. We made a little bet to see who would last longer and he was ahead of me in chips but his downfall came when he bluffed with the almighty hammer but was played back at on the turn and lost a huge chunk of his stack. He was then forced to pimp my site on his blog.

"Wish I had his skills. Check out his site everyone...I'm sure you'll learn something. He has mad skills. He is da bomb." - doubleas

Hah, that gave me a good laugh, there's nothing to learn here! I ended up busting out in 80th out of the 1900 field when I pushed my shortstack with KJs and lost to A7. I found the payout structure on UB to be very top heavy. 1st place received 25% ($7,100) while 10th place only received 1% ($285). This gap is just ridiculous and out of the field of 1900 how could there be such a huge gap between 10 spots like that. They should really redo the structure because that wasn't fair in any way. Damn UB!

I'm going to go back to getting bad beated and losing lots of money at the 5/10 tables!


Friday, October 29, 2004

Hitting My One-Outer

For your viewing pleasure against a complete maniac. I thought he had pocket 2's or something :)

Party Poker 5/10 Hold'em (6 max, 5 handed)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with Ac, Ad.
Hero raises
, MP (maniac) calls, Button folds, SB folds, BB folds.

Flop: (5.40 SB) Jd, Ts, Jc (2 players)
Hero bets
, maniac raises, Hero 3-bets, maniac caps, Hero calls.

Turn: (6.70 BB) As (2 players)
Hero bets
, maniac raises, Hero 3-bets, maniac caps, Hero calls.

River: (14.70 BB) 4s (2 players)
Hero bets
, maniac raises, Hero 3-bets, maniac caps, Hero calls.

Final Pot: 22.70 BB
Main Pot: 22.70 BB, between Hero and maniac. > Pot won by Hero (22.70 BB).

Results in white below:
Hero has Ac Ad (full house, aces full of jacks).
maniac has Ah Jh (full house, jacks full of aces).
Outcome: Hero wins 22.70 BB.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Big One That Got Away

I was playing some more 5/10NL last night. I was up a $200 and my stack was sitting at $700. I pick up AA on the button. EP limps, MP min raises to 20 and I re-raise to 60. Both EP and MP call and we see a flop. The board brings 226 and they both check to me so I bet $120 into the $180 pot. Suprisingly they both call and 3 of us see the turn card which was a blank. Again they check to me, and with the pot at $540 I bet $350 into it. EP calls and MP drops out. The river brings a T, no flush, no straight, I must be golden! EP puts me all-in for my last $170 and I call. He shows TT for the rivered boat! He took down a huge pot, around $1600 which was supposed to be mine *sobs*. I suppose I'll live though. That was the biggest pot I've ever been in I lost it on the river, how sad. So I just wanted to tell you the story about the big one that got away.


Monday, October 25, 2004


While surfing the internet earlier a webpage had somehow installed a trojan virus on my computer. My virus protection software kept complaining about it but didn't do anything. I scanned a bunch of times and had to end up manually removing it at 4 hours of battle. It was everywhere and whenever I got rid most of it it would somehow re-install itself and continue its evil rampage. I finally got it fixed in time to go play the St. Maarten satellite on Party at 11:45pm. I won a seat through a $6+1 that fed into a $24+2 which I won. After getting AA twice early on and getting almost no action, the cards went dry. I tried to steal as much as I could but I just couldn't get anything going. I finally ended up pushing in LP with ATs but the button woke up with AA. A T flopped as well as two of my suit but I didn't river him. So much for my vacation to the caribbean.

Someone posted a comment about updating my bankroll which I did on the left. This month has been quite profitable for me again even with some downswings. The move up to the 200 tables bring in more money which is always a good thing. I've past the 12k mark and have average around 3-3.5k each month over the past 2 months. I'm trying to continue to build the bankroll and a little more and then I'll finally make my move to the 5/10 nl game once I feel more comfortable, maybe another month or two.

I played 5/10nl yesterday night for a bit. I had KK a couple times early on but got no action. First time everyone folded to my raise to $40 and the second time someone called preflop but folded on the flop bet. In the BB I picked up AJo and see a flop with MP and SB. Flop is J high and I bet $20 into a $30 pot. MP min raises to $40 and SB smooth calls, I also call. Turn brings an A to give me top two pair. Again I bet out and this time MP only calls, SB drops out. River is a blank and I value bet to try to get whatever I can out of him, he called and mucked and I took down a $500 pot.

A player directly to my left continued to run into bigger hands and had dropped a lot of money in a short amount of time. After reloading back to $1k he dropped around $450 when his hand ran into AA. A couple hands later I'm on the button and a player in EP limps. The player who was obviously getting annoyed raised to $220 into a $25 pot. I was incredibly glad to see AA and re-raised his bet to put him all-in. He took about 2 seconds to call and I'm sure his fist was going through his monitor when he saw what his QQ was up against.

Sadly I lost a hand when my AK TPTK ran into a set of T's but fortunately he was a very shortstack and only managed to lose about $200 on the hand. I ended up cashing out around $450 and was pleased with my little taste of 5/10NL. I look forward to playing in it once my bankroll can handle it. Until then I'll just continue to grind it out at the 200's on Party.


Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Final Table

I just finished playing in the $10 rebuy ($11,000) Guaranteed tournament on the Prima Network which consisted of 616 players and a $13,760 prizepool. I didn't rebuy, not did I add-on. My entire table didn't even bother rebuying off the start so neither did I. By the first break I couldn't make anything happen and after winning a pot early on I was blinded back to my starting chip stack. With the blinds at 75-150 I pushed all-in with KTo UTG and got two callers, AQ and 66. The flop came K high and I tripled up. Some hands later I doubled up again with KK vs a maniac with the chiplead's 66. I had some nice hands and kept picking on small stacks. I was in the top 10 chip leaders 20 minutes after the first break and never left those ranks. As we got down to the money I picked on the shortstacks who tightened all the way up. After the break I knocked out shortstack after shortstack and was in 2nd place when I went up against a slightly bigger stack who had AK to my AA.

With about 14 people left I raised to 3x the blinds with TT in MP. A stack who was slightly below average went all-in and I called and was sure he had overs. He had AQo and hit his A on the flop, doubling him up and knocking me down below the average. I hung on and stole some pots but was severaly crippled. I squeezed into the final table with 5 BB's left. A player got knocked out shortly after the final table started so there were 9 of us left. I pushed UTG+1 and UTG with ATo and ATs respectively and both times I was able to steal the blinds, which nearly doubled me up. After another player got knocked out I finally picked up QQ in the BB. The chip leader who I hadn't seen any of raised on the button, and I went all-in ofcourse. Sadly he had AA which ended up knocking me out.

I was really happy with my play throughout the tournament, picking the right spots to take certain pots and slowly but surely building my stack to stay in the top 10 almost all of the time. I wasn't mad at all when I got knocked out because for the first time I had actually lost to a player who had the better hand. I said my gg's and nh's and left with my 7th place prize money of $480.

In other poker news, I had a really nice day at the tables making around $800 at the 200's. I made some nice reads which really ended up paying off. Along with that, the usual set vs two pair also paid me off really well. A player who ended up losing half his huge stack on a bluff looked to be steaming that he was called down by mid pair. The next hand I picked up KK and raised the usual 4x, he called along with another player. The flop came AK9 and I bet $20 into a $40 pot. He min-raised me to $40 and I smooth called. Turn brought an A giving me a boat, but AK and A9 could make higher boats. I checked to him and he bet $125 into the 120 pot. I re-raised him all-in and he called with KJo. I just love getting paid off by those horrible players.

I have to continue this nice rush today so I'm heading back to the tables.


Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Night at the NL Club

My friend and I decided we'd go to the NL club about 10 minutes away to play some 1-2NL $100 max buy-in with the fishies. We waited outside for our transportation to come, he deals at the club for tips so usually whenever we go he'll drive us there. We were standing on the side when I noticed some dog shit and told my friend to eat it, he laughed, said he never even noticed it and could've stepped in it. When our drive finally arrived we sat inside the car and after a couple of minutes I noticed that it started to smell really bad, like shit! I asked them if they smelled it also and they concurred. I checked the bottom of my shoes but couldn't find any shit. I asked my friend if he stepped in it but he denied it almost immediately. I told him to check the bottom of his shoes and he said he did. A couple of minutes passed and I couldn't take it anymore, I opened all the windows and even took my own shoes off, carefully inspecting them with my eyes and nose, no shit!

We finally arrived at the club and I told my friend to show me his shoes because I was almost positive it was him, he turned one shoe up and there it was! He got it all over the drivers floor mats and I couldn't stop laughing. We headed up to the 2nd floor where the tables were while Mr. Shit Shoe went to the bathroom to clean himself.

A couple of old men were already there playing some card game that they always enjoy playing. When the table started they came to play with us. 3 hands in I get AQo UTG+1 and limp. The two old men obviously play since they play almost any two. Flop is AQ4 rainbow. I check to the old man who bets $10 into the $6 pot. I call. Turn is a J which completed the rainbow. I check to him and he bets $15 this time, I raise him to $40, he thinks for 2 seconds and calls. River is another 4, I put him all-in and he calls me with Q4, bottom two pair on the flop and the rivered full house. My friend next to me told me he folded the other 4 which means he caught his 1 outer on the river, that's my kind of luck. I rebuy and continue play.

I got incredibly bad cards and didn't hit whenever I had some high cards or a pocket pair. I had AA twice and suprisingly I got paid off each time and was either all-in or put my opponent all-in.
I ended up exactly even for the night, buying in for $200 and cashing out $200. A horrible player across from me bought in for $100 and cashed out over $1200. He caught everything and it must've been the luckiest day of his life. He had A8 on the button, flop was A54, he bets and a player re-raises all-in. He called and his opponent had a set of 4's. Turn and river were 5 and A giving him a higher boat. He called that same players all-in on the flop with the K high flush draw for $200 into a $40 pot and rivered his flush for a $400 pot. He did everything wrong and everything went his way, I loved it! It was very entertaining and wished I had a hand to play against him, but never got one. I can't wait until a couple hands go my way, I'll cash out a big winner there.

I believe the blogger tourny is tonight but I don't have any money at PokerStars so I'm not sure if I'll be playing. I guess I should since I'll be playing with a bunch of fish, right? It's easy money!

(Nothing like some good smack talk..)


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

$100,000 Guaranteed

I just finished playing a 75 player MTT satellite on the Prima Network into the $100,000 Guaranteed this Saturday. It was $10+1 and I nearly tripled up early on when MP min raises, button min re-raises and I call in the SB with 77. Flop top set, button bets all-in, I call and MP calls. I turned the boat and MP went all-in on the A on the river with his AK. Button had KK. I sat at 5k in chips for awhile and got another 2k when someone tried to bluff an AAx board, I had AQ and rivered quads. Then with the blinds at 300-600 I went all-in 4 hands in a row, AJ, AK, AK, AQs, nobody called any of them and I built my stack just from taking all the blinds. With 2 tables left and a stack of 11k, I raise to 2400 (400-800 blinds) with AA in MP. Button calls me and flop is J high, I bet 4k, he calls. Turn is a blank, I go all-in and he calls with AJs. River is a Q to double me up and put me in 2nd place. Final table a couple short stacks bust and the last 7 of us get seats. I then lose my entire stack to A7 with AQ on an A high board when he rivers a 7, but it doesn't matter. I ended up finishing 3rd and can't wait to play on Saturday. I'm still deciding if I'm going to rebuy. Obviously it is +EV but while I do play high enough stakes that $100 isn't a lot of money, I still seem to be quite stingy with my money. I guess we'll see..

I'm Going Pro!

Just Kidding! So many fellow bloggers are though. I'm currently waiting to get re-accepted into University and don't have a job for a source of income. My only income in online poker and when people ask me where I work while I'm not in school, that's exactly what I tell them. They're quite surprised at how I can support myself through it (and make more than most of them do, too!). But for now I don't consider myself a pro, and only will once I finish school, get a job and then leave it for poker. Until then I can only dream.

In the ring games I've been pulling in a few bills on average every night which is pretty good. I get very upset with myself when I make the wrong moves and everynight could've been a ton more profitable if it wasn't for one or two bonehead moves (calling when I'm beat, and not calling when I'm the winner. A hand came up a couple days ago which went something like this. I get 66 UTG and limp, LP plays along with the blinds. The flop comes 6h 9s Ts. Small blind bets 2/3 of the pot, and BB re-raises 3x his bet. No reads on either opponent. What could BB have to reraise there? Higher set, top two pair, straight maybe? I fold with LP still left to act and he smooth calls along with the SB. I'm glad I folded when the turn brings the Jh now putting more straight draws and the flush draw out there. All the players slow down and start betting these puny little bets and the SB drops out. River brings another J to pair the board up. And the winner is...*drumroll please*.. ATo! Huh? LP had Q9o. So it looks like I'm giving some of these players too much credit. Maybe I'm just too weak tight but that board looked awfully scary especially with the action from the blinds.

Later on I get KQs in LP and limp in with a bunch of others. Flop comes K66 rainbow. Checked to the aggressive button who has been buying pots all day long with pot sized bets and I knew he'd try for this one. He pots it and it's folded to me. I call thinking that he wouldn't pot it with a 6 and if he had AK he would've potted it preflop. Turn brings a 5, again I check, he bets and I re-raise all-in. He has 56o for the turned boat. What a horrible read on my part! :) The one time I decide to play back at this aggro he ends up with a boat.

It's plays like these that set me back and I really have to work on getting better reads on my opponents so that I don't make the wrong move which ends up costing me a lot of money.


Friday, October 15, 2004

$5 Party MTT

I finished 4th for a net of $343. I'm pretty disappointed as I know I'm soooooo much better than the last 3 players. I was going to write a tournament report but I only got 4th out of 1157 which isn't good enough for me. I got busted out when I had AQs on the BB, button min raises and I re-raise. He hits his 3 outer on the flop and I'm done. I was really looking forward to the 1st place prize money of $1150, too. This is the first final table I've made on Party, but at all the other sites I've made final tables at I've lost every time to a horrible suckout. AQ vs AJ in this tourny. AJ vs A2 in a $30 UB tourny which knocked me out heads up, and AJ (top two pair), vs AT's runner runner straight in a $20 rebuy on Prima. The MTT Poker Gods hate me!

The tournament just finished and the player who knocked me out went on to win it by going all-in preflop with Q3 vs AQ and hitting his 3 on the flop. Good for him, he really deserves the victory *rolls eyes*.

Dry Poker

Past few days I haven't logged very many hours because of the woman, and when I do the cards are incredibly dry. I got all excited today when I saw AKo, I was reraised which I called. Flop came K high and we both checked. Turn brought another K, I bet, he called. I bet on the blank river again and he called with AA. He completely misplayed the hand after the flop. That was my only big pot ($300) of the day and I only won by fluke. I just figured out that the September party bonus was still working which is very odd since the October one has already stopped. I deposited $700 to get the $100 bonus and will work it off within the next few days. Nothing better than free money, right?

Over at RhymerWithJoker.com, LordG has finally decided to get a job, hopefully now we can see him get back into the swing of things by logging some hours with a playable bankroll and start updating his blog a little more often. I wish him the best of luck and hope things look up for him especially now since he has backup support.

DoubleAs wrote on his site that he'll be watching to see how the 200 tables go for me. Wow, I actually have a reader! He's played a bit on those tables and I'm sure we both agree that when the tables right people are on, it's a very profitable game. I've seen him logged on Party a couple times but it didn't show him sitting at any tables that I could join. Don't hide from me DoubleAs!!

Right now I'm finishing a $5 MTT on Party. 1157 entrants and it's down to 30. I'm shortstacked so I don't expect a huge win but I'm really pissed off that this isn't a larger buy-in tourny. Both the $20 and the $50 I lost earlier when I got sucked out on in both. The $50 MTT was the worst since I had a playable stack and was all-in on the flop with AA after a nice preflop raise against AK who flopped his straight. Party likes to screw me over quite often. Hopefully I'll have another post tomorrow after a good day at the tables.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It's Official

I have officially made the move to 200nl/pl on Party and will not be moving back down. The first night I played I made a hefty amount, but over Thanksgiving weekend I lost a hefty amount also (1k). My bankroll is big enough to take the swings of the 200 tables and I know I can easily beat this game so I'm going to make it permanent. I told myself I was going to try the tables temporarily but I've found myself playing nowhere else but there since the 100nl tables have gone to shit in my opinion. I played 1 table at first and now play at least 2 tables, usually not going more than 3 since there isn't a wide selection anyways. There are lots of regulars there but that's good because I have been building notes on all of them and know how most of them play. There's lots of money at these tables so I expect to build my bankroll a lot faster now. I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

Thanksgiving weekend was a disaster for me in poker. I lost enormous pots because I either lost to a very good drawing hand that put me all-in or was beat on the flop. I had lost a 1.3k pot to a set over set which really set me steaming. It's just one of those streaks where whenever you have good cards or hit the flop hard, someone always has something better. I have been trying to repair those damages over the past few days and have accomplished that, bringing my bankroll past 10k again and hopefully I can steadily continue progressing forward with only minor set backs once in a while.

In tourny news I haven't had any good placings lately. Cards just haven't been there and can't seem to win those 'tourny at stake' coin flips. My good friend on the other hand placed 2nd in the Empire Sunday $50k Guaranteed tournament this past sunday, netting himself a 7.5k profit. He always tries to squeeze into the money so his play is super tight. After he got down to the top 40 he doubled up with KK, and shortly after doubled up again with 88. He played tight again and placed 1 or 2 well timed bluffs to steal a couple pots. He went into the final table with a mid sized stack but it grew quickly after he nearly doubled up when he helf AA vs another players KK. The chip leader was one lucky son of a ***** and either got amazing cards or brutally outdrew his opponents. He knocked out a large portion of the final table and when it got heads up he showed almost every hand (AA, AQ, AK, 88, 99, 44). My friend didn't stand much of a chance and was knocked out shortly after. But still....7.5k!

Back to the tables..


Sunday, October 10, 2004


I hate PokerStars more than any other poker software out there. Yes, they have an easy layout, great support, but their actual poker software is garbage to me. No wonder they call it RiverStars, it is probably the software that hands out the most beats. I see myself starting to sound more and more like Phil Hellmuth. I know I'm better than most of the players on the site yet they always manage to river me when they have a hand that is completely dominated. In Yesterday's 20k $10 rebuy tournament on Stars I was up to 50k when the blinds were 1k/2k. It's folded around to me in the SB with KK, I raise to 6k. The BB re-raises allin for 30k and I instantly call. he flips over KJo. The board brings a J and two spades, turn brings another rag spade, and ofcourse the river brings yet another spade to give him the K high flush. This would've put me around 90k with around 140 people to go and I would've been in the top 10. Every tournament I play the best I can possibly play, almost always going in with the favourite hand but lose when the pots are huge. I have around $60 left on that site which I can't wait to lose so I can stop playing their completely. If they didn't hand out such beats to me I would've won one of those big MTT's by now. What a garbage site! Down with PokerStars! Down with PokerStars! UltimateBet is the best site for MTT's I think, they just need to do more rebuy tournaments.

//End Whine


Saturday, October 09, 2004

"If there weren't any luck involved, I guess I'd win every one"

The poker brat Phil Hellmuth said that after he got knocked out of the WSOP with the better hand. It seems to happen to me all the time. I always get knocked out when I have the best hand but get sucked out on. The one tournament where I won when I was dominating the opponents hand I ended up in 2nd place, after I got 3 outered on the river when it was heads-up.

Yesterday was no exception. Right off the start I rebought to get myself to 3k in chips but during the first hour I got no hands and only won one pot to bring myself to 3.6k. I took the add-on for another 2k in chips and was heading into the tournament with 5.6k in chips. Shortly after the break I got QQ UTG and raised my standard 3x. I got the BB to call and the flop came T high. He bet out and I raised him, he called. Turn and river were both rags and I ended up all-in, he turned over JTo and I doubled up to around 12k. For awhile I just stole some blinds and didn't do much, picking up a few small pots and building up to 16k. I was browsing 2+2 when the PokerStars window popped up. I was in the BB, UTG had raised to 12k, the button had called and the SB was all-in for 11k. My hole cards showed QQ so I pushed in my stack of 16k. Both UTG and Button called. They checked it down and no A or K showed on the board so I was sure I was good. They all mucked and I nearly quadrupled up to 60k and in 6th position.

An orbit later I get AKs in the SB. MP limps and I raise to 4800 (800-1600 blinds) and MP calls. Flop is Q high with two spades and I bet almost the pot, he calls. Turn is another low spade, he checks and I bet away 15k into a 30k pot. He calls again and I'm pretty sure I'm beat now. River is a blank and he checks to me, I check behind. A couple seconds pass and he mucks, I win a 60k pot with A high.

This is where it gets ugly. I'm dealt QQ again in MP. The blinds are 2000-4000 and I raise it to 16000 after 1 limper. LP player calls as does the original limper. Flop comes Jxx, perfect! The pot is around 50k and I plan on betting 40k into it, however I make a mistake when typing in the number and instead of 40k, I only bet 4k. LP calls and the original raiser check-raises to 12k. Thank god he check-raised! I re-raise to what I wanted before, 40k, and I'm stunned when LP calls again. The original check-raiser folds. Turn is a harmless 3s and I go all-in for my remaining stack. LP calls and flips over ATc for 1 overcard and the flush draw. I'm 75% to win this but OFCOURSE the river brings a damn A to give him top pair. If I had won that hand like I was supposed to I would've been chip leader. Instead I bust out in 57th, after going all-in with my 20k shortstack with JTo UTG with the blinds at 3000-6000, and only make a $50 profit.

If there weren't any luck involved, I guess I'd win every one!

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, not you americans! Just the Canadians. I took the train home yesterday afternoon so I can be with my family for this Thanksgiving weekend. The train ride was way too long and much too uncomfortable. I slept most of the time though since I made sure not to go to sleep the night before. I haven't played much poker but had a chance to play in the 2+2 25nl on party. It had to have been the tightest table PartyPoker has ever seen. I lost my AK to a KK when we both hit our K's on the flop, so I got wiped once. Right now I'm playing in the $11+rebuy on PokerStars. Around 900 people entered, there is 110 people left and I'm in 11th place right now. I'll post a report if I actually make it far. That's all for now.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Moronic Poker Players

I can't vent anywhere else but here so this is where I'll do it. Yes, I know, you're supposed to make money on people making stupid calls in the long run, but sometimes I just can't take it. I'm playing on the Prima Network, 1/2 NL, I've built my initial $200 stack to around $280 and get KK in MP. I raise it to $8 and get 4 callers. Flop comes 8c 7c 8s. I bet $30 into a $40 pot and get one caller, the only other big stack. Turn brings a harmless 3s and again I bet out 2/3 of the pot. He now reraises me to $150, I think for a second and can't see him on an 8 so I re-raise all-in. He calls me with Td 9d for an open ended straight draw with 1 card to come. Oh you guessed it!!!! J on the [censored] river to take down a $580 pot! I don't even know why I bother playing vs big stacks, it's always them who suck out on me. From now on I fold to big stacks and only pick on smaller stacks unless I have the nuts or very very close. He quickly apologized because he realized what a complete moron he is and I guess what he was trying to say was, "Sorry that I was born, I was a mistake in this world".

Sometimes I love poker and sometimes I hate it, and right now I really hate it!


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Unlucky when it Counts

Yesterday at the 200nl tables I had built my stack to 800 at one table but the other table was lacking, I knew I should've left it. I get 77 in mp and limp, MP3 raises to 15 and 4 other people call so I call as well. Flop comes AJ7 rainbow and I'm dancing that I finally hit a set in a nice big multi way pot. I check it to the raiser who goes all-in for over $200. The pot is $80 at the time so it looks like he's protecting his AK or AJ and just wants to take down the pot right there. I call and am disgusted when he turns over JJ, what a time to get set over set! A couple hands later I get QQ in the BB, 1 limper and the SB raises to $20, I call. Flop is 9 high, it's checked around. Turn is a T, SB bets $35 into a 60 pot, I min-raise to $70. He re-raises all-in and I knew I should've just folded right there and saved myself $130 but I call and he flips over KK. I made some bad moves and could've saved myself around $300 last night had I not played stupid. Instead I only ended up $150 after being up almost $600 at one point.

Later that night in an MTT I made it to the final 20 in a 200 field. I get KK and am on the verge of being shortstack. The player to my right min raises preflop and I push all-in. He calls me with QQ and flops quads, I go out next hand when I push with TT and BB comes alive with QQ. Entire table started to laugh at my misfortune. It always seems to happen when I get closer to the bigger money I get an ugly beat on me which sends me spiraling downwards and out of the run for 1st. I hope my luck changes soon because it would be really nice to make another final 6 sometime soon.


Monday, October 04, 2004

Luck's Not On My Side (in Live play)

I went to the asian poker club again last night to play some 5/10. This game is really bad, which means it's supposed to be really good right? Everyone chases their straights and flushes and two pair and so it seems to me, after playing their twice, that unless you get lucky and go on a hot streak, that this game is hard to beat. I ended up losing $200 after not hitting any of my low pocket pairs, AK/AQ, and having my AA cracked by Q4s who chased his flush and QQ cracked by 97o after he chased his 2 pair to the river. I decided not to buy back in and waited for my friend to finish so we could go home. I'll be going to check out the new poker club soon, which I hear is nice. They still need to improve some stuff like getting some new couches and tv's for people lounging but otherwise I hear it's really nice.

After I got home from the asian's I sat down to find that the games online were really shitty. I waited and the 200's started getting juicy around 3am so I sat and played. I quickly lost a buy-in when I had 58o in the BB and see a flop of 367 rainbow. I call the SB's min bet and call MP's minraise to see a 4 hit the turn giving me the nuts but putting two diamonds on the board. I bet 2/3 the pot and get called by both MP and SB. River is another diamond and end up losing $100 on the river when MP raising me with 97s of diamonds for the flush.

I went on to win some mid-sized pots with a set and a couple high pocket pairs. With each stack at my two tables sitting at around 280 I went on a rush. First I got AA in MP, I raised the pot after some limpers and get reraised by the button. I re-raised almost all-in (this was PL) and he puts me in the rest of the way with KK, my AA hold up to double my stack. Couple hands later I pickup KK and take down a $200 pot on a rag flop and turn. As soon as that hand finishes I get AA on my other table and go all-in on the turn with a board of rags, I double up off my opponent who was holding JJ.

AA was a losing hand a couple days ago, with a net of -$0.90 but over the last two 200nl days it has shot up to +$1,072.75. The only hand that is slacking now in winnings is KK and JJ. KK has the highest win %, JJ is horrible though, probably because I play JJ so passively, only raising in position and not pushing it like I have AA or KK. It only wins 34% of the time.

Over the past month I have seen my bankroll sky rocket. With a 2nd place MTT tournament netting me $1,000 I started off great and the 100nl tables treated me well. I had made around 3k but the end of the month saw me get cold carded and lose some big pots. Considering I was in a downswing for at least 2 days I'm very surprised I had only lost around $200-$300, when it gets to that point where I can't hit anything I become incredibly weak-tight hoping for the streak to end. The beginning of this month started off great and I've made almost 2k from the 200nl tables. My bankroll is getting close to 11k as opposed to the 6k I started with at the beginning of September and things are looking up.

Hopefully this continues, because I'm liking it, a lot. I'll update my bankroll status on the left.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Streak has Ended!

After about 3 days of horrible cards, and losing when I had big cards, I finally broke out of the streak with a great day today. AA actually pulled through and as I began writing this I won a $400 pot with them. I moved up to the $200NL tables and ravaged them. Winning around 1.2k.

I was seat to the left of a maniac, bluffing and throwing his money around. He bluffed well though and when he had a hand he got paid off also. He had his stack around 400 and mine was around 600 when this hand occured. I was dealt 44 in MP and a lot of the table limped. The flop came Jc Th 4c. I bet 2/3 the pot with my bottom set and got 2 callers. The turn brought another a harmless card and this time the maniac came out betting, I re-raised him to pot size which he called. The other opponent bailed out. The river brought the Tc giving me the 4's full of T's. He bet the pot ($200). I thought for a split second and didn't believe him, he was on another one of those river bluffs where he hopes to pick up the pot. I didn't reraise him all-in though. I just called and he flipped over QJ for top pair. This brought my stack up to around $960 and made me a very happy man.

I also placed 8th in two tournaments. One was a satellite where top 7 out of 70 got a seat (damn!) to the $50k guaranteed on empire. The other was the $5k guaranteed at 2am on empire, I made off with $150 for the $10 entrance fee in which around 400 people participated.

A new poker club opened up near me and it's grand opening was earlier today. I'm going to go check it out one of these days. It's run by a guy I met at the last tournament we had. So far he only has 2 tables, but is buying 2 more. He'll be running 2 limit tables and 2 nl tables. I'd really like a nice poker club that is close to me. The old asian underground club was too dark and gloomy for my liking, and, well, they're all asian! Half the time I don't understand what they're saying, or maybe they don't want me to understand, damn colluders!

I's 7:45am and I'm going to head to bed soon I think. I didn't sleep tonight because I slept a lot during the day. I've caught a bug which made me feel really tired and sick during the day. Hopefully it passes soon.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Rockets a good hand? Nahhh

AA has got to be the worst hand in poker or I'm the unluckiest mofo on this planet. We can take a look at my PokerTracker database and see that AA is my most losing hand. It wins 60% of the time, and wins money 30% of the time at showdown. Why, you ask? You thought AA was a great hand? NO. Consistantly my AA lose to flush draws, straight draws, and yes, I've lost 4 times to people chasing their gutshot and hitting. If there was one hand I wish I could take out from all the hands I played, it would be AA, what a garbage hand for me.


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