Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Extreme Stakes Poker

Some of you may have heard of Andy Beal, an incredibly rich man that loves to play poker for incredible amounts of money I could only dream of. Top pro's have put together a team called The Corporation that play against Andy Beal. They had to make a team because individually they don't have the money to play the stakes he wants to play, $100k-$200k limit HU. Andy recently wrote a letter to the pro's he plays with challening them to another game to prove to everyone that he can beat them. You can read the letter at CardPlayer Magazine

I wish I could play, anyone want to stake me? :)

Yesterday night I went to the local club here to play some 5/10. I started off good and was up $200 but just went downhill from there. I had all my high pocket pairs cracked, my sets cracked, and top pairs and two pairs losing to straights and flushes on the river. I ended up losing my profit and even though I'm embarassed to admit it, I tilted away my own money at the end. So I finished down $180. I'm up 2.7K US this month online and with my 2nd place live finish I don't mind losing some money once in a while.

Tomorrow I'm going to a $100 1-2 nl game. Hopefully I can pull in some money there to make up for my 5/10 loss, I'm a NL player after all.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another MTT Finish

Yesterday I played in a live $50 freezeout tournament. There was about 50 people signed up. I didn't get any cards the entire time, no high pocket pairs but I managed to get to hang on with a REALLY short stack.

Going into the final table I had 1.1 BB left with the blinds at 500/1000. I pushed UTG with 33, folded around to the blinds who both called me and checked it down. I got up ready to leave when the board came all high cards but the blinds flipped over 85o and 76o and I took it down. I kept raising to steal blinds and when it came to my blind it would usually fold around. I had about 4BB and the CO raised to put me all-in. I had to call with T7s, he had A3o. Board came with a T and I even rivered a straight to make sure I won. 1 orbit later I pickup AJs in the SB, the button raises and I re-raise all-in. He shows KJ and the board doesn't bring a K. We are now down to 6 players after the other shortstacks get knocked out.

Two more players quickly go and it's down to 4. I'm 3rd in chips with some fat indian kid with the chip lead and an old quiet guy in 2nd. 4th place shortstack gets knocked out by the indian kid to some hand I wasn't even paying attention to. Final 3 and I get 77 in the BB, old man in the SB raises and I reraise allin. He calls and flips two overcards over but they don't come doubling me up and severely crippling him. He has about 2 BB's left but makes a comeback after a string of coinflip allins, and he wins them all. I have a garbage hand in the BB and the indian kid limps on the button as does the old guy. Flop is all spades 367, old guy is first to act and pushes allin, I muck quickly and the indian guy calls with AA. Old guy had K6 and gets knocked out.

It's head's up and he has me outchipped by quite a bit. I go allin with 55 and he calls with AKo, no help to him and I double to 40k, we're about even. We talk about a deal and decide that unless one of us loses within 10 minutes when the blinds go up, we'll chop. I have 40k with the blinds at 2k/4k. It's a fold fest most of the time, one person pushes all-in the other folds. The timers about to go off and I call a raise to 10k with 9To because I believed we were going to chop, I fold after the flop comes A high and he pushes all-in. I talk about chopping again and he says no because he has more chips now, ummm ok? We continue to play and I keep going all-in every 2nd hand to take his blinds, I went mostly with garbage, I felt like it was a crapshoot with the blinds so high and the stacks so low. Finally he goes allin and I call with ATo, he has KQo but flops two Q's so I get 2nd and take $510.

Looks like I've been running well in MTT's, I guess I've just been getting lucky in winning some coinflips, things finally went my way when I needed them to. I really wanted to win this, and I knew I was better than but there's plenty of luck involved. That's poker!


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Trying 5/10 6max

Yesterday night I decided to try out the 5/10 6max tables. I've heard all the stories of 300BB swings in 6max but I don't believe it. I think I'm not as crazy as those players who will go to the river with A high a lot of the time, and bet their pocket 2's to the river with a bunch of face cards on the board. I guess I'm more of a 'tight' 6max player. I'm generally passive preflop and aggressive post flop when I've hit my hand. I will follow up with bets when my high card combos like AK and AQ don't hit but I won't go all the way to the river betting it while getting cold called by other players. I have 2k at Party after withdrawing 2.5k so I decided I'd just single table some 5/10 6max tables to see how it is.

It's hard to get used to since I usually don't play with such high blinds but the players don't seem to good at all. Calling to the river with bottom pair or a gutshot is a common occurence, and this is good, until of course they hit one of those draws or pair up their other card along with their bottom pair to suckout on me. Bets are respected a little more than in the 2/4 I was playing. I finished with 6k hands there and about 70 hours under my belt.

So last I tested the waters and ended up winning $80 or 8 BB's which wasn't too bad. I'm playing again now and lost a bit but that's just the way it goes I guess. I'll just single table for a while until I get comfortable. I'll put all the hands into PokerTracker and go from there.

I've also updated my bankroll stats on the left.


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Rivered At The Wrong Time

Today I played another $30+3 UB MTT since I've been doing pretty well in their mid-sized fields as opposed to huge fields (1k+) like on other sites. I'll give a little tourny report.

In the first hour I sat and got absolutely nothing, I had AKo once but the flop was A and K-less so I won nothing. After stealing some blinds and staying around 800 (1k starting chips) I almost tripled up after the first break when I went all-in with 99 UTG and got two callers, one was shortstacked. The blinds were 50-100 so I was shortstacked also and decided it was best to push. They turned over AJo and AKo. A K on the flop had me getting ready to leave but the river brought a 9 to give me a set and I was still alive. I had around 2.5k and got AA in MP. A maniac who was doubling people up left and right with his big stack went all-in in EP and I called, he actually had a hand this time but his QQ didn't hold up. I was up to around 6k.

I got some blinds and built a stack by knocking out some smaller stacks calling all-ins with AK and such against weaker hands. Going into the final 20 I was in the middle of the pack around 12th place. I didn't do much because people were getting knocked out quickly. I sat back and only played really strong hands, folding anything even close to marginal against any raise. When I got to the final table I was shortstacked, as I usually am but I play this position well. I got some nice hands like AA and AK and won some okay pots even knocking someone out, the only other shortstack besides myself. I was now in 3rd place out of 8.

I got AK in EP and raised, flop didn't help me and some other person took me off my hand. A couple hands later I was in the BB with KK when MP min-raised. I called hoping to check-raise the flop. It was AQQ and he put out 1/2 pot bet which scared me to death so I folded. A few more people were knocked out by other players while I stole blinds once in awhile to keep me afloat.

At the final 5 I was in in 3rd with around 25k in chips. Chip leader had 50k and the person below me had around 17k. He was knocked out when two people with AT went all-in and so did he with A6 so they split his stack. I stole some more pots to bring me into 3rd position and raised on the button with AKo, BB went all-in which would've left me with 10k if I lost but I was going for gold and didn't think he'd play AA or KK like that so it was either a coin-flip or I was dominating. I called and he flipped over KQ which didn't improve.

Final 3 and we all have pretty even stacks around 50k. One of the players was super aggressive and stole a lot, I stole some back and the other player was left out in the cold to have his chipstack slowly dwindle away. Finally super aggressive guy knocks out Mr. Passive with A5 against K9 when the flop is AK8 and Mr. Passive didn't believe the bullier.

We're now heads up and he has a small lead over me but I win the very first pot and we are equal at 80k each. He raises my BB, I raise his, we see a flop once in awhile but none of my cards are hitting. He raises my BB again and I call with 9To. Flop is 259 rainbow and he bets, I call. Turn is a T giving me two pair and I'm dancing. I check hoping for a check raise but he checks behind. River is a blank and I bet out 2/3 of the pot. He thinks for awhile and calls flipping over 22 for a flopped set. What confuses me is why he only called and never raised, I would've been all-in in a second. There was no flush or straight on the board so he was good 99% of the time. Very weird play by him.

A couple hands later after being severely crippled by that hand and having around 40k I have KT and call his raise again, flop is AKT. Same drill, I check, he bets, I call. Go for the turn check-raise but it doesn't happen. The turn and river were both 2's so I was afraid he had the A and beat my two pair. He bet really big and after much consideration I called and won, he had garbage. I'm back to 60k and get AJ, I raise his BB and he calls, flop is Axx and I go out betting which he quickly calls. On the turn I bet again 2/3 of the pot which he calls. The river brings a 2, and I will never forget this 2 as it will haunt me in my sleep tonight. I bet big again nearly putting me allin and he re-raises me allin. I call and he flips over....... A2 for the rivered two pair and it had to come right at this moment when I was battling it out for 1st! *cries*

So I finished 2nd out of a field of 163 and won $980.00. This is the farthest I've ever made it in an MTT but hopefully it won't be that way forever. I was talking to my friend at the same time and was complaining how I lost. He told me he never saw some so upset after winning almost 1k. While the money is great I really wanted that win, so I could say I outlasted and entire field of 163 and ended up winning a tournament. 2nd place is just....2nd place! It's still a payday though! Cha-Ching!


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hooked on Limit

I've been playing a ton of SH limit lately and, while it is incredibly swingy and a SHIT LOAD of suckouts, I like it. I just started so I only have about 3.5k hands in the PT database, im seeing around 21% of hands but I don't think my aggression factor is up to par. The tables I play at are really loose so a raise won't be knocking anyone out, so I usually don't raise when im in the SB or BB and everyone limps. Aggression factor with preflop numbers included is sitting at .92 (.70 = passive, 1.5 = aggressive).

After reading ThePokerChronicles (I can't post in your comments, I sign in but it doesn't recognize it, weird) I'm really eager to go play some live limit. Tomorrow I'll be going with a friend to a new club that has opened up here. They have 5-10 with lots of rich folks that throw their money away, which I like. On top of that I'm going to try and get a job there as a dealer because rich people tip well :). Soon we'll also be having a little trip. We'll most likely be going to Turning Stone, rent a room and stay the weekend. I can't wait!

I got 4th in another $30+3 MTT at UB and won around $250. I've been doing pretty well in the UB tournies, I believe it's because the number of entrants is much smaller than the usual 800 or 1000 at Party and PokerStars. With a field between 100 and 200 I usually make it quite far each time, I just don't get as big of a payout ;)


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Site Update

I updated some links and my bankroll. It is at 6.5k but with the PartyPoker rake money that is coming in soon I should be nearing 7k.

I'm Alive!

So I've moved to Ottawa and got myself settled in. I haven't gotten back into school yet and it looks dim, I don't think they'll accept me and I'll have to apply back in January.

In poker news, I've been playing shorthanded limit lately. Mainly 2/4, it's not too bad when things go your way but when all your good hands don't hit and your high pocket pairs get cracked by K4o or A3s it gets kind of lame. I know it's a 'in the long run' thing so I'll keep at it and see where it goes.

Yesterday I finished 4th in a $10 MTT tourny with 227 entrants on UB, even though I know I could've got at least 2nd but I had to start going all-in every hand because I had a live tournament to go to. In the live tournament I finished 13th out of around 50.

I later went to the side game, 1-1 NL. First hand I posted the blind and got 86s. My friend told me to attack the fish in the corner because they were horrible (betting $20 into a $4 pot with mid pair). One of the fish raised to $4 and I called along with his fish buddy. Flop came 963 rainbow. I check and so do the other two. Turn is a 2, I check again and the fish raiser bets $15. I call. River is another 2. I check to him because I know he's going to bet being the fish that he is. I'm positive he has nothing, A high, I was thinking ATo or something like that. He goes all-in for $40 and I call with my measly pair of 6's with 8 kicker. He turns over A8 and I take it down. That pot got me my buy-in from the tourny back and I was happy.

I still have to get a job. One of the players at the tournament is a dealer for a new club that just opened up here. They have a lawyer and said they're perfectly legal to run the club as well as other games like bingo and sell lottery tickets if they want. I talked to the guy a lot and he makes a killing. The people that player their are filthy rich so he makes great money from tips. I'm going to go play their a couple times and see if maybe I can deal for them too, that would be the best job I could ask for right now.

I'll try to update a little more often now if there are any readers still left out there.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Rough Times

I haven't posted in about 2 weeks, I doubt many people miss it anyways. I've been having some rough times so I haven't been able to play much poker, and while playing I seem to always lose. To summarize, I've been kicked out of school, I'm moving away from home in 2 days, and am not being supported by my family anymore so I have to go out and get a job. I'm not sure if I'll be able to play much poker since I'll have to withdraw most of my poker bankroll, around 6k to pay for rent and everything else I need. We'll see what happens.


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