Monday, August 16, 2004

The Name of the Game is Pot-Limit Omaha

So I've decided to start playing a new game and take a break from the usual NLHE. I've decided to start learning and playing PL Omaha High. I looked around on the web to find some quick tutorials on how to play and starting hand suggestions. It took me a bit to learn how you have to use 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the board, that lost me some money but wasn't too much since I was playing pretty low stakes. As soon as I felt comfortable with the game I moved up to .5/1 and 1/2. That first night I managed to make $300 just from waiting on nice hands like high pocket pairs, hitting top sets, betting the pot and getting paid off.

I didn't play much poker yesterday but started on Omaha today again. I've made another $300 quite easily. This game seems very profitable if you're patient and make the right calls, depending on your odds and what cards you have. Since you are dealt more cards, 4 instead of 2, you also make better hands more often. Today was a special day because today was the day I made my 2nd royal flush ever! Below is the hand history. Sorry that it's not parsed butI don't bison's hand converter doesn't parse PL Omaha hands yet.

***** Hand History for Game 851872119 *****0/0 OmahaHiGameTable (PL) -
Seat 6: kwm1234 ( $238.75)
Seat 9: B1GF1SHY ( $95)

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to B1GF1SHY [ Th, Kc, Tc, 3s ]

** Dealing Flop ** : [ Ac, Qc, Ad ]
kwm1234 bets (6)
B1GF1SHY calls (6)

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Jc ]
kwm1234 bets (22.80)
B1GF1SHY raises (45.60) to 45.60
kwm1234 calls (22.80)

** Dealing River ** : [ Qs ]
kwm1234 checks.
B1GF1SHY bets (41.40)
B1GF1SHY is all-In.
kwm1234 calls (41.40)

Creating Main Pot with $195 with B1GF1SHY
** Summary **Main Pot: $195 Rake: $3Board: [ Ac Qc Ad Jc Qs ]
kwm1234 balance $143.75, lost $95 [ Ks 8c 2c 7d ] [ a flush, ace high -- Ac,Qc,Jc,8c,2c ]
B1GF1SHY balance $195, bet $95, collected $195, net +$100 [ Th Kc Tc 3s ]
[ Royal Flush -- Ac,Kc,Qc,Jc,Tc ]


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Casino Rama!

Yesterday my friend and I decided to make the journy up north to Casino Rama for an evening (and early morning) full of fish infested texas hold 'em. We left my house around 5pm and arrived shortly before 7. I got on the waiting list to 2-5 limit and was seated 10 minutes later. My table consisted of about 5 guys in their early 20's and that came together on a bus, a couple older gentlemen, and a few asians. For the most part they weren't very good players and they all played way too many hands besides the player to my left who was very tight and passive. I saw him play 3 hands, he hit a set on one of them and just called all the bets to the river.

As the night went on I picked up a couple nice hands early on, AA pulled through to win me a nice pot but my JJ got cracked on a 34T board when the river brought a 5 and my opponent showed A2, nice hand. When our table was asked if anyone wanted to switch tables I jumped at the opportunity, I watched the other table earlier and there were some horrible players there that I wanted to take advantage of. This table was a lot better, especially since one of the players was a good looking blonde. Not only was I getting to look at good cards but I got to look at her also (good thing my gf doesn't know about this site). The worst beat I took was when I was dealt KK UTG. I raise and half the table calls. Flop comes K73 rainbow, perfect! I bet out and I'm raised by MP, I 3-bet and he caps. 2 other people were in there for the ride. Turn brings a Ts and I bet out $5, he raises again and I 3-bet, he just calls. The button was still riding with us. The river comes a 3s, putting 3 spades on the board. I bet again, I'm raised and just call. The button mucks, I show my set of Kings and my opponent flips over AKs for the nut flush. His friend to the left of him even mentioned to him that it was obvious I had AA or KK and he was lucky to get those runner spades. After this hit I was down to $60 from my original $100 buy-in.

I kept going strong, playing tight for the most part but also limping in with Ax suited since I'd be taking down huge pots if I were to hit a flush. Again I got KK in the BB and raise. The entire table calls. Flop comes K73 with 2 hearts. I bet, 3 callers. Turn brings a 2 of hearts putting the flush on the board. I bet $5 and the blonde raises me, I stare her down, but not because I wanted to get a read... I call the raise and the river brings a beautiful 2 to give me the boat. It's now heads up so there is no capping. I bet, she raises, I raise, she raises, I raise, she raises, I raise, she mumbles that I have to have it and calls. She flips over AKh for the nut flush but it's no good and I take down a HUGE pot.

Sitting pretty and prety much doubling my stack I went to eat a late night dinner around 12pm. I had a cheesebuger and a Mars bar that stuffed me up good. Took a quick bathroom break and headed back for the tables for a few more hours of poker.

For the rest of the night I waited for some nice cards and got them. I ended up getting AA twice, QQ once, TT once and some low pocket pairs. I hit sets with 99 and 55 and they both pulled through suprisingly even though the board came with flush and straight draws.

My very last hand was played at 3am. I was dealt AA and raised, 2 callers. Flop was Q95 two spades. BB bets, I raise, button calls and so does he. 7c comes on the turn, I bet, both call. River was a low spade again putting the flush on the board that I'm sure someone was chasing. BB and I check, button bets. The BB looks in disgust, calls and waits to see the buttons hand. I also call. The button showed 67 for a pair of 7's. I look at the BB who quicly mumbles, damn he got the straight and mucks his hand. I show my AA and take it down. My friend who was waiting for me to finish my last orbt saw the BB's hand when he was looking at his cards. He said he had Q5 for two pair and that I was extremely lucky he mucked thinking the button had the straight. I luckily took down that pot and ended up $140 for the night. I cashed out, put two crisp $100 bills in my wallet and headed for the door.

My friend had ended up $50 for the night, bought into Casino War (play against the dealer, higher card wins) and put down a bet of $25. He was dealt a 2 and obviously lost. He quickly put in his next $25 and again drew a 2 and lost again. He got up laughing and casually blaming the old asian lady who sat down to his right, right before the cards were being dealt, saying that if it wasn't for her he wouldn't have lost. We both had a good laugh on the way out and headed home.

I won't be going back to Casino Rama for awhile since I'm heading back to University in Ottawa in a couple of weeks, but the poker tables in their casino should be put in in December so I'll get to play there, and it's a lot closer.


Friday, August 06, 2004

Running Dry

I haven't posted lately because I haven't had much to post about. The NL tables in general seem pretty dry, low avg's and not that many fish as before. I played around with limit a little bit which was fun but I stopped that also. For now I'm just playing a little bit of NL but mostly MTT's (which I'm losing a lot of money on, but they're just so damn fun!). I play the $30 MTT's on Party some nights and regularly play the $10 rebuy on Stars. I haven't placed anywhere really high in them but I'm working on it.

Yesterday in the Party tourny I was doing great, 3.5k stack with the average at 2.2k. I got AA on the button and the limper in MP called my 4x raise, he also had a stack the size of mine. The flop was 68T rainbow, I bet the pot, he called. Turn was a brick, I bet the pot, he calls. River another brick, I bet a little bit less than the pot and he raises all-in. At this point I've already put plenty of my chip in and had to call, and he took it down with 97o for the flopped straight. Sometimes I don't understand what these people are calling big raises with. Two hands later he knocked someone else out who had KK and called their raise with 98o and flopped another straight. I guess he was just getting really lucky that day.

Hopefully with the WSOP 2004 Main Event coming up shortly more fish will join the Poker craze and blow their money online.


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