Thursday, July 29, 2004


Yesterday night I ended up being really bored. All of the NL tables seem incredibly bad, the players aren't as loose as they used to be and there's not enough action on my big hands anymore. I decided to try some limit for fun, but I didn't want to play the low-limit 1/2 or 2/4 games so I went to the 5/10 games. I played in the Bad Beat Jackpot section just incase I got quads and lost ;) I two tabled and found that the players weren't very good and at the same time there weren't tons of them in the pot trying to outdraw me. I'd play with maybe 4 to the flop and drop down to 1 or 2 on the turn and river, and this was very profitable. I played good hands and took down large enough pots that I was happy and I wasn't worried about the entire table being in the pot with my AA or KK and getting outdrawn by someone sticking around with their runner runner flush draw. I won about $175 last night and so far I'm up $125 today.

So while the NL tables are dry I'll be playing some limit as well as MTT's which I've been playing a lot of lately. I haven't made any noteable places but hopefully that'll change soon, they're just so much fun I don't mind spending money on them.

Next week I'm going to Brantford Casino to play some poker. Their lowest limit is 5/10 so I'll be playing that, and if my friends and I don't like it we'll go down the street to a 2/4 NL game we know about.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Three Table Party SnG's

Lately my friend and I have been playing more and more of these. They're fun and bring in the large MTT aspect to the game. In the 5 that I've played in I've placed in 3 of them. Two 3rds and a 5th. I haven't been able to get heads up but I will eventually. Yesterday I ended up playing against colluders though and they couldn't have made it anymore obvious. It was the three of us left and I was slowly climbing up, but a dent in one of their stacks and then lose a big pot when I'd tried to steal. Whenever one of them would get on the shorter end of the stack they'd play a heads up pot, make sure the shortstack is way ahead and then bet while the big stack would call with bottom pair. I didn't report it but I'm sure someone will eventually, it was just too obvious.

I also just finished off my PokerStars 20% WCOOP bonus. I deposited the full amount of $600 and had to make 600 FPP's to release the $120 bonus. While making these FPPs I played the .5/1 NL games and made around $300. I also played a bunch of MTT's for fun but haven't really placed very high. I guess with all the FPPs I have I'll get myself some more shirts since I already have the hat (which SUCKS), a shirt, and the deck of cards which is in the mail. I'll diversify my wardrobe by getting the shirts with different colours like white and grey :)


Saturday, July 24, 2004

$100,000 Guaranteed

Today I played in a $100k Guaranteed tourny which I gained entry to through a $5 MTT Satellite that I won. Almost 600 people registered but there was still a very large overlay. First place was 23k.

I started off really well in the first few rounds when I doubled with KK vs 33 and got to 3k in chips. A couple hands later I tripled up with AA and had around 9k in chips. A couple rounds later I found AA in MP. blinds were 200/400 and the player to my right raise to 1.2k I just called to try and get 1 more player in. The SB then re-raised all-in, initial raiser called and I re-re-raised all-in. SB showed QQ and raiser showed AKo, I took it down when they didn't improve and was up to 20k in chips, chip leader!! I had my sights set for the 23k first prize. There were still around 250 players left.

After I hit my peak I couldn't get any cards if my life depended on it. The blinds got pretty big pretty fast and after having my AK not hit 3 times in a row I was down to 14k. I was pretty annoyed that nothing was happening but I stuck in there. My JJ lost to A3o shortstack who pushed and another AK didn't hit bringing me down to 5k. I doubled up to 10k when my AQ beat a person stealing on the button with QT.

The came the hand that knocked me out. With around 10k in chips and the blinds at 1.5/3k I was on the button with AKo, UTG went all-in for around 6k and I re-raised allin for my 10k. The SB who has a little less than 30k calls 1/3 of his stack with QJo (???). The flop comes AKT, great for me at first until I notice that he flopped the nut straight! UTG had A-something and I would've taken him out but I couldn't pair up for a boat on the turn or river and I was out in 52nd. I was upset because I would've been in good shape if it wasn't for his flopped straight and I could've had a chance to make it much further. 52nd out of 600 isn't too bad and I won $250 for a $5 investment, that isn't too bad either.

Still though...$23,000!! I'm going to play in this tournament next weekend again, the players are quite bad and it's not too hard to make it in the money. Top 130 pay at least $100.

I'm also taking advantage of the 20% bonus on PokerStars, I deposited the full amount and I'm playing through my FPP's to release the bonus. I ordered a set of the plastic coated playing cards too. My friend has them and they're pretty good.

That's all for now.


Monday, July 19, 2004

No Material
Sorry for not posting but I haven't had much material lately. Everything has just been the same and I'm slowly bleeding my money away to blinds and bad beats. Yesterday I played for a bit on the 200NL tables at Party. The one hand that really pissed me off was when I had AA in the SB. About 5 limpers so I raise it to $20. 1 person calls and another re-raises to $100. I call to try and get the other caller to call too and put more money in the pot. He folds and the flop comes 235, I put the guy all-in. He waits for a bit, types 'AKs no good?' and even after saying that he calls the all-in with A high. The river brings a 4 for a split pot. I don't understand what the hell he was doing but it really got me going because I'm tired of having such a great hand but somehow the person manages to make a split pot or even catch his runner-runner flush or 2 outer on me. It just happens all too often.
I played in another $20 MTT on Party and placed again but not that high. 110 places paid and I came in 90th for a $20 profit, you don't really make anything in those unless you get to the final table but I don't know if that will ever happen to me. What happens is I play tight early on, pick up some pots and try to stay around average, however when we get close to the money I just start to get blinded out because the blinds are huge and every hand you have a player pushing all-in. When I do make my move it usually turns out to be a coinflip and I always lose, hopefully one day I'll get lucky and win all the coinflips, that'll be the day I win a multi :)
Bankroll is just under $6k but hopefully soon I'll have a good night and fly past that mark.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Party Poker MTT
Today I entered a 20+2 MTT on Party with my friend. I started off with nothing and couldn't make much happened. I finally got QQ with 2 callers. Flop came K high, all hearts. I had the Q of hearts so when EP bet I raised all-in and he called with... AJo? I doubled up and continued. I later got AK in LP and called a raise from EP. Flop came K high and I bet, EP raised all-in and I called, he had QQ and I doubled up again to around $3500. I won some more hands and knocked a couple people out with KK and grew my stack to $4000. I was blinded down to $2000 and close to the money. Top 80 paid. I had AQs and had to make a stand or I was going to get blinded out. I pushed all-in and 2 large stacks both called, flop was 744 and they checked it down, turn 8, river 3. They had AJ and AT and I tripled up to around $5500.
I made my peak when I called with 88 and hit a set. LP made top pair and had a huge stack so he had no problem raising and calling my re-raise all-in. I doubled up to $11,000 and wouldn't make it further than this. The blinds were 750/1.5k and after two orbits of not seeing anything I finally got TT in MP. UTG pushed all-in for $4k but he did this UTG all the time to try and take his blinds. I raised all-in and one of huge stacks ($60k+) called, he was getting nice cards all day and had shown AA twice and KK once in 1 orbit. He had AK and of course the flop brought not only one but two K's to knock me and UTG (he had 67o) out of the tourny.
I placed 28th out of 700 entrants and took $91. This was the first MTT I have ever placed in, even though I don't play them very often at all. I think I played fine and made the right calls throughout the tournament. It was fun but it's back to where the real money is made, in the NL ring games :)


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bankroll Updated

I've updated the bankroll status on the left. It's now sitting passed $6,000 which is great. I had a down swing the past few days, around $400, but I worked hard last night to make it back and even make some profit to push my bankroll peak even higher. I hope to continue my climb higher because I don't want to end up pissed everyday at poker like I was when I couldn't move away from the 3k mark for a couple of weeks. Steady increase is good and it's what I like.

Even though I was winning money the past few days I did not see Rockets for about 2 days. High pocket pairs were very rare and didn't get much play. Most of my big pots that earned me money were won by AK and low pocket pairs hitting sets. Finally I got rockets in EP last night and I got so excited I nearly pushed my stack preflop. I raised it to $8 and was reraised by a shortstack who went all-in for $20. Two other called but I had played long enough with them to know they had good hands but nothing too great, they just liked seeing flops. The flop brought all rags with 1 spade and 2 hearts. I bet 2/3 of the pot, MP called and LP raised all-in for around $100. I had him covered by just a bit and pushed all-in also. MP folded and I nearly shit my pants when the turn and river were both K's. I thought I was beat for sure. Shortstacked showed TT and LP showed QQ and I took down a massive pot almost quadrupling my buy-in of $100. This was the hand that took me to my new 6k peak, and what a beauty hand it was.

I'm going to try some 3-table tournaments at Party today to see how they go because I haven't played a single one since they were introduced.


Sunday, July 11, 2004

First Final Table

For the first time in my life, I finally placed in an online MTT tournament. It was a $7,500 Guaranteed $10+1 rebuy tourny. I didn't rebuy or add-on but just waited for the right hands and made the most of it. I started off well after almost doubling up first hand when I got QQ in MP and some fool in LP called all my best to the river and then folded. I had AA and KK a couple of times, and always when I needed them most. Close to the money I held AA in MP. Blinds were 1k/2k and I had a stack of around 25k. I min-raise to 4k, everyone folds to the BB who reraises me to 8k. I just call knowing he'll be pushing on the flop against me on the flop if an A doesn't hit. The flop came rags and sure enough he pushes the rest of his stack, about the same size as mine, and I called, he had KK.

When we got down to 2 tables the play was incredibly tight. We didn't really see any flops and all the play was done preflop. I lost half my stack when I raised with 99 and was called by JJ, he only called my bets so it was a good thing I slowed down or I could've lost my entire stack. I began to get blinded out but was able to make the final table. I was knocked out in 8th after I went all-in with AQo and was called by 77, I didn't improve. I was really aiming for 1st or 2nd where the prize was 2k and 1k but I had to deal with 8th and won $140 which isn't too bad.

I've been cursed by getting knocked out on the bubble so I hope this has finally broken the curse. Yesterday was a bad day at the ring games though and I dropped around $300. After losing $150 early on in the day I thought I could make it back at night but just continued to lose money when my okay hands were beaten and my monsters I waited for all day didn't get any action. I even made some incredibly stupid moves that I normally wouldn't have done such as this play. I was on the button with QQ and raise it to 4x the BB. The SB re-raises me 2.5x more and I call. Flop comes K high and he bets the pot, I obviously should've folded here because I 'KNEW' he had AK or better yet I pushed and he called with AK taking down my $100 stack.


Thursday, July 08, 2004

High-Limit No-Limit

Lately I've been playing more and more of the higher NL games. For some of you high-limit NL is 10-20NL or 25-50NL but I call that Insane-Limit NL. High-limit for me is 2-4 to 5-10. I've been playing some 2/4 200NL tables at Party and also 2.5-5 NL on the Prima Network. Both have been very profitable for me and I've made most of my earnings through these limits. The players are very bad for the most part. Here and there, a good player shows up but you can spot them a mile away. I just look for the poor plays and when I get a hand I target them and try to get the most money out of them. As long as you let them think they have the best hand they have no problem pushing and giving you their entire stack, they never think they can be beaten.

So far I haven't taken a bad beat or a swing (besides upwards), but my bankroll can now handle it. I have around $5,500 online so I feel pretty safe. I don't 4-table the high tables, only 1-table them since I can concentrate on the players more and there's less money in play. So far this has worked and I'll continue this until I feel safe that I can move to 2 tables. My friend who started playing online poker around the same time as I did 4-tables the 200NL at Party, his bankroll is a few grand larger than mine but he started experimenting with them earlier. The swings he takes are huge and I wouldn't be able to take them. On two occasions he's dropped 1k in a night. If I did that I'd go insane.

So for now I'll continue playing 2/4 and 2.5/5 while still continuing my normal play on the 1/2 tables. I have to get out of the mind state where I fear playing since the limits are higher and more money is at stake. When I originally buy-in I play VERY cautiously, but once I win a pot and I'm technically playing with other people's money I'll play my normal game.

All I know is the money is coming in much faster than before, and I like it.


Monday, July 05, 2004

Final 200NL Stack

Just as note from yesterday, I finished playing at around 6am and left with a stack of $1400 from my original $200 buyin. I made around $1,200 in about 2-3 hours, and over $2,000 in the last 3 days. Not too bad for a University kid, huh?

Tonight I'm going to play in a home game with some friends, probably the usual $20 buy-in tourny. I haven't won one with them in awhile, I'll get close but I can never seal the deal. Also tomorrow I'm going to my friends house because he gets ESPN on his satellite and we'll watch the WSOP 2004 coverage. Tomorrow is the NL Hold' Em $2000 buy-in I believe and right after that is the Stud portion. I don't like Stud but my friend has just gotten into it so I might stick around to watch it just for fun.

Ravaging the 200NL

Today is the 3rd day in a row I've made over $500 playing party and prima NL games. I wouldn't have made the 500 mark today but I decided before the night is over I'm gonna watch some 200NL. The game was horrible so I told myself I'd sit down for an orbit or two and see how it went, it was the best decision I've ever made. I started off small, 2nd hand in the SB I get AJs and play against the BB. Flop is 3J3, I bet and he raises. I knew he didn't have a 3 because he wouldn't have raised. He ended up having JT and I won a 70 pot. Some hands later I get AK and call a raise. Flop comes A high but since I was in BB I checked hoping for a c/r. It checked around and the turn brought a K giving me two pair. SB bets out $20 and I min-raise to $40. He calls an also calls a $50 river bet, he had AQ and I took down a nice pot. I built my stack up to around 400 winning those couple of big pots and a couple small ones too. Then this hand came along, and it is the biggest pot I've ever won...

I didn't play this correctly by any means, in fact playing at this limit scared me shitless. I knew the big stack was probably chasing his flush but I wasn't sure what the button had, he was the initial raiser, maybe he even had AA I thought, so I just kept calling. I also thought that if I did have the winning hand, by calling he doesn't put me on a good hand and if he has QQ/JJ he'll continue betting into me.

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $4 BB (10 handed)

Button ($603.65)
SB ($46.85)
Denis ($475.30)
UTG ($690.60)
UTG+1 ($92.90)
UTG+2 ($227.40)
MP1 ($209)
MP2 ($213)
MP3 ($878.75)
CO ($207.30)

Preflop: Denis is BB with Kh, Kc.
UTG folds, UTG+1 calls $4, UTG+2 folds, MP1 calls $4, MP2 folds, MP3 calls $4, CO folds, Button raises to $20, SB folds, Denis calls $16, UTG+1 folds, MP1 folds, MP3 calls $16.

Flop: ($70) 4s, Ts, 4h (3 players)
Denis checks, MP3 checks, Button bets $30, Denis calls $30, MP3 calls $30.

Turn: ($160) 8d (3 players)
Denis checks, MP3 checks, Button bets $75, Denis calls $75, MP3 calls $75.

River: ($385) 3c (3 players)
Denis checks, MP3 checks, Button bets $175, Denis calls $175, MP3 folds.

Final Pot: $735
Main Pot: $735, between Button and Denis. > Pot won by Denis ($735).

Results below:
Denis shows Kh Kc (two pair, kings and fours).
Button shows Ad Jc (one pair, fours).
Outcome: Denis wins $735.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

Two Day Streak

Yesterday I had another great day at poker pulling around $500, this time it was all on Party. It seems that I make a lot of money in the early morning, and by early morning I mean 4-6am. The tables seem looser and I get paid off when I hit monster hands. Yesterday I must've made 90% of my profit from sets, and they are by far the best profit I get from any other hand. They're sneaky, nobody knows it's there and they always think their TPTK or two pair is good when it's really not. In the past 2 days I've made around $1,000 which was about 1/3 of my entire bankroll from the past 3 months, I really hope this doesn't stop. I've updated the stats on the left side and the bankroll is almost at $4,000.

I've been playing some MTT's lately however I can never make the money, I always bust out just out of the money and it's always because the blinds are quite large, I have to push preflop with a good hand but someone always calls with an A and hits their A on the flop. Yesterday I busted out 5 spots from the money in a Party $30 MTT, that was the furthest I've ever made it. I like playing MTT's and I think I play well in them, I'm just not winning those coin flip hands when it really counts and that is what is stopping me from making it far. Hopefully luck will turn around and I'll end up placing sometime soon.

Good luck at the tables


Saturday, July 03, 2004


For a long time now my bankroll has been idling around the $3,000 mark, always up or down $100. I couldn't make any progress and I was waiting for a day where I could breakthrough this 3k mark and move up again. Yesterday was this day.

During the day I played at Party and made about $300 off of some horrible player who had built up a stack by pure luck. He had cracked so many people's A's and K's by calling a large raise and flopping 2-pair or a boat. He got his stack up to $700 at the 100NL tables so I took advantage of this. I brought my stack up to around $400 just by winning pots from him.

Later that night I played some PokerStars, 2 4-man heads up games and a 2-table SnG. I won all 3 games and made $50 there too. I've never played heads-up matches but my friend wanted to play so I played with him. I'm not too aggressive unless I have a big chip lead, and with the structure that PokerStars follows I believe that the people get sick of playing with my and then when I have a monster hand they lose very large pots to me. They don't have any patience I guess :)

Finally late at night I played on the Prima network and made some good money, but I made the most when I decided I couldn't sleep and started to play at 5am. I sat down at a couple of .05/1 NL games and quickly won some money, I flopped some sets (which I hadn't seen in the longest time) and took down some nice pots. I sat with $90 at a 2/4NL table because the players there were just horrible and I had to take advantage of it. I made $100 very quickly and took off when the table became shorthanded, a little hit and run. I used the money I won to go to a 1/2NL table and made $200 there as well. The play was just horrible and if you had a good hand you'd win a lot of money.

At 8am I entered the Party 10+1 tourny but right before the 1st break I was so tired that I accidentally fell asleep, only to wake up a couple hours later and wonder what I was doing on my bed and not playing in the tournament. I was blinded out by now so it didn't matter, I went back to sleep and I woke up about 20 minutes ago. Yea, that's right, I woke up at 4pm! My parents are on vacation in Europe and my sister went to the U.S. for July 4th so I can do what I want, which includes walking around in my underwear all day, woo hoo!


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