Sunday, May 30, 2004

Party 100NL

So I've finally made the transfer to 100NL. The swings there are the same as on the 50NL but the gap is just wider, I lose more but win more also. Yesterday I at my friends house from 6pm-4am. He ended up down for the day and I only ended up $50. I should've been up a lot more after losing a $300+ pot when I had QQ and went against my fish. He raised preflop to $4 with A2s and I reraised with QQ to $12. He called along with another person. The flop came 8 high and after he bet $15 I went over the top all-in to take it right there. He called and hit his 3-outer on the turn to take down a $313 pot. I know for a fact that he wasn't a good player and only had a stack because he got lucky a bunch of times. The sad thing is he called with A high, there weren't even any spades on the board or straight draws, he was simply hoping to hit an A. After that I went cold for a couple of hours and got drained by the blinds but won it all back when I finally hit a set that paid off, doubling me up. At the same time I had AKo on another table, a player in MP raised to $9 and I called as well as another player. I wasn't going to reraise incase I needed to get out of there. The flop was A-rag-rag and he bet the pot. Now, I didn't believe he had AA, maybe possibly a high pp which he was following up with a bet to try to take the pot. I called and the turn brought another rag, he went all-in and I called, he showed AQo and I took it down.

In about 45 minutes my friend is coming to pick me up and we're heading over to the tournament. I won't be able to update how that goes tonight but it'll be up by tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to the tournament but I won't mind being knocked out because I can go sit with the awful players there in a NL ring game and make some big money there too.


Saturday, May 29, 2004

FossilMan Wins 2004 WSOP!

Since Day 5 Greg "FossilMan" continued his rampage and never gave up his chip lead in the WSOP. He knocked out nearly all of the players in the final table and took home $5 million in prize money. FossilMan isn't a known name to the public but has been posting on the 2+2 forums and playing online for awhile. I can't wait to see the WSOP aired on ESPN in July to see how they played. I was rooting for Dan Harrington since I like how he plays, very tight, conservative and knows when to get into a pot. He was eliminated in 4th when he turned the double belly buster straight draw and went all-in. I'm not sure how shortstacked he was to make this play but I'm sure he had his reasons, maybe he sensed weakness and thought he could buy the pot right there. I was kept up to date by the good folks over at www.pokervoice.com as well as the 2+2 forums. Seemed like a great tournament and I'm sure many of you will anxiously be waiting for the WSOP to hit the T.V.

Today I've had my best poker day in a long time. After playing all day and moving to the 100NL, I've made over $500. I recently posted about that bad swing I had where I lost $600 in 3 days, well I made some of it back over the past couple days and today helped me break even. I'm feeling so good right now. At first I thought I was going to withdrawal whatever I had left and quit poker since my bankroll took such a dive so quickly, it was just one of those periods where nothing you have hits and when you get a good hand it gets rivered somehow. I'm glad I'm finally over it and can get back to winning.

This Sunday my two poker buddies and I are heading back to Brantford for their 2nd major tournament. It's a $80 buyin bounty tournament ($55 + $25 for bounty). My friend came in 1st out of 25 last time and took home $750. I busted out around 8th but hopefully this time around I'll make it a bit further, plus I get money for eliminating people, which I always love doing :)

I'll post how that goes, if I get knocked out early I can always play 1/2 NL or go across the street for some casino limit action.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Swing Continues

This has to be the worst swing ever, it just doesn't stop. After peaking my Party bankroll at $1500 I'm down to under $900. That's a $600 loss in about 3-4 days! My top sets lose to 4 of a kind, my trips or two pair get rivered by straights or flushes and I just can't seem to win. I win some small pots then lose big ones when my AA or KK get cracked, which happens more often than they win. The end of the month is near so hopefully a couple hundred that I get from the affiliate rake program will help me out to get back on track. I just need this swing to stop and I need it turn around so that my hands pull through and I start making money again. I've only been playing at Party since the beginning of the month and lately I haven't been playing too much but I hate to see all my profit go to other people from bad beats at the end of the month.

I watched the interview with Annie Duke today, she was telling the reporter how this year there are an incredible amount of bad players at the WSOP that shouldn't be in the hand and shouldn't be calling the bets that were out there. That's 2 pro's that have complained about being knocked out by amateurs because they'll call anything. Annie Duke bluffed on a rag board and went all-in, she was called by an A high to knock her out. She said another player called her overbets with a straight draw and even when he hit he simply just called all the way, calling station. Daniel Negreanu also said the same thing, many bluffs were called down with a crappy pair or A high.

Ferguson lost almost all of his stack today after going allin with pocket 4's. He was down to nothing but ended up making a comeback after going all-in time and time again, always doubling up. He was later knocked out which pretty much leaves only Dan Harrington of the known names in the tournament. I can't wait to see how this years WSOP was playing when they air the episodes.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Disappearing Buttons

I'm aware of the glitch in the Party software where the buttons disappear and either folds your hand or uses a Disconnect-protect. Yesterday at my friend's house it happened to him at least 5 times while I was there, and in the WORST situations. He had AA in LP on the $100NL table, the table was very loose and there were 2 raisers infront of him. When the action got to him he was typing in the amount to raise when his buttons disappeared and folded his monster hand.

The second time it happened was on his last hand before we ended our session for the night. At his $200NL table he got JJ UTG and limped. There were about 4 people in the pot and the board came A73, he bet out first and got called by 1 player, the turn came a J and when he was typing in his bet the buttons disappeared. His disconnect-protect was used and he won the pot, the other caller had A7 and was most likely going to give most, if not all, of his stack away on that hand.

Does anyone know how to fix it. He's emailed their support a number of times and they gave him instructions on turning off hardware acceleration which he did but there's no change. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with hardware but I have no idea what the correct way of preventing this from happening is. I don't think he wants to buy a new computer :)

Another Losing Day

Yesterday I went over to a friends house where he setup his brothers labtop beside his computer so we can both play Party Poker at the same time. It started off bad and never improved. At the end of the day when all the smoke has cleared I managed to lose $150, which is probably the worst losing day I've had. The bad beats I took were incredible. I was getting rivered left and right. Rockets lost a lot yesterday. A person called 4x BB raise with J7 only because it was suited. They hit a 7 on the flop, the lowest pair, and continued to call big bets on the flop and turn, only to hit another 7 on the river and take down a big pot. I had AK and flopped two pair and there's always at least 1 or 2 people chasing their flush and hitting. I had an incredible amount of pocket pairs, and only 2 hit a set. Overall it was just a very bad day, hopefully when I play again I can win back my losses.


Friday, May 21, 2004


Party is offering a deposit bonus for this month of 15% up to $100. That's $100 absolutely FREE! Just deposit around $700, play the certain amount of raked hands, which is really nothing and can be done in a night, and you get $100. Yay for Party Poker!


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

No Posts

Sorry for not posting for the last while. I've been quite busy trying to get a job and I haven't even had time for poker either. I do play poker with my poker gang in the evenings usually. We had a couple tournaments with about 9 players each time. I finished 4th both times, I always get out just before the money and it's always to a hand that I shouldn't have lost to. Early on I build a nice stack but I manage to lose a lot to people acting desperate when their stack is getting a little low. I had KK and someone all-in for about 1/3 my stack. I had no problem calling it and they showed A6, the flop brought 2 sixes. These are the kind of hits I take to never let me take the big chip lead. We're playing another one tonight so hopefully my luck will change and I'll actually win for once.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

Poker in Brantford

Thursday night I went to Brantford, a 1 hour drive, with my friends to play in a ring game they hold in the hall above a restaurant. We got there a little early so I went across the street to check out the casino. They had 8 tables going and I watched the 5/10 table play for a bit. It looked like a bunch of calling stations, calling everything and then folding on the river to the first bettor. There weren't many raises unless someone raised preflop but I didn't see a single reraise, just bets and calls. The only hand I saw go to showdown was by two women, the older woman has K8 and the flop came 8 high, she turned a K for two pair and it was good. One of the players had an enormous stack infront of him. Around 15 stacks of 15 chips of $5 and as he got ready to leave I left too. I just wandered around a bit through the blackjack and roulette sections and then met my friends back outside and went back to the restaurant.

The ring game finally managed to fill up and my two fish arrived, a Chinese guy and a young guy, probably around 17 that wears a lot of jewelry and has a lot of money. This is 1/2 NL and I bought in for $100 since I knew I'd be in big pots with my fish, they both have a lot of money. Early on I got KK on the button and raised, my fish in the SB reraised me. I have no idea what he has because sometimes they raise to $10 with low pocket pairs. I called and the flop came 8TJ, he bet big again and I called. On the turn he flipped over his cards to show pocket 8's for a set. I asked him what he was doing and he said sorry that he thought the river already came. He told me he'd call any bet I put. The river didn't bring a K either so I folded, what a lucky guy, raising me and catching. I later played my other fish, I was in EP and raised with QQ, he reraised me to $14 and I called along with 2 others (it was a pretty loose table). Flop was Q76, I bet and to my surprise they folded. I guess they knew I was tight and had something when I bet.

Another big pot came when I had AK and went against my young fish with the bling bling and a lot of cash. He raised to only $5 and I called. Flop was J22 and he bet another $5. I called and the turn brought a K. He bet again and I called. The river came a rag and he stopped for a second, he mumbled that he didn't think I had a 2 and he bet $40 into me. This was most of my stack right here, I thought for awhile until my friend told me to hurry up because he wants to play. I ended up putting my $40 into the pot and he mucked, and said his mid pocket pair wasn't any good.

Final big pot was against the same guy again. I had KQ in LP and called a $2 raise preflop. The flop was KK3, my fish bet $5 and I called. The other players got out of the way. The turn brought a rag and he bet $15 again into me. I called. The river brought another K and I acted shocked, he glanced quickly at me and turned towards his chips. He took out 3 stacks of $10 and was about to push them in but at the back someone "whispered" to another players, "I love when this happen, you have your quads and you have some idiot betting into you!". He obviously heard this and as soon as he did he took back his $30 and put in a measly $2, I raised to $15 and he folded.

When we got ready to leave around 2 in the morning I cashed out for $185 after all of the 'donations' that we were forced to give. It was around $4-$5 every 30 minutes which is just as pricey as the casino. I gave them at least $30 in donations and even after that I still managed to take home $85 profit which isn't too bad for 1 night. Both of my friends finished down for the night though, one of them even got wiped after he pushed on the turn with QQ against his AA.

In a couple of weeks they'll be hosting another tournament, $80 buyin this time and each person will have a bounty on them of $25. I look forward to it and hopefully this time I can place in the money.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Party $200NL

So after some consideration I completely skipped $100NL tables and tested the waters at $200NL, the highest NL they have. I have to say that even though the stakes are higher and you'd expect the players to be better, they aren't. I watched a PL table for awhile, the avg pot was nice and high and lots of players seeing the flop, way more than at the 50NL tables I'm used to. I finally got seated, I caught a set of J's but they didn't pay off to well. I later had QJ in the SB and hit a Q on the flop, the button bet big and I called, everyone else folded, he checked it down and I bet and took it down. The players call on anything and I've seen quite a few pots over $150 with the winning hand being a mid pair. I'm going to just play 1 table for now and see how that goes, if I can continue to make money gradually I'll stick to it since I can make money at a faster rate.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Everyone Loves Poker

A friend called me yesterday to tell me that he had talked to a couple people we were friends with back in highschool. This group of people we hung out with now all player poker, they all love it and have tournaments all the time. Poker is everywhere! So many people I know now play but just a year ago none of us knew what Texas Hold 'Em even was. Everyone and their grandmother plays poker these days. We got together with our old highschool pals, caught up on what was currently happening in our lives, and sat down to play some poker. Some of them were actually pretty good, the others were just horrible. They told us about games in the area that they know of and play at. There's frequent $125 buy-in tournaments about 10 minutes from us, one of them played in the last one and placed 12th out of a field of about 50. I'll probably end up playing in that tournament at least once. It was nice to find more players to add to our weekly games, after all it's more money in the pot for me to take.

In Party news, I'll be playing another MTT today at 2pm. The last one I played in I finished in the mid 200's again. After the first break I had an average stack but I took a large hit to it after my JJ's didn't hold up to an A that hit the flop. A couple more rounds and I was shortstacked and pushed in on AQo. I had a caller who had 77 and I didn't hit. I never seem to hit when it counts. The 50NL games have been treating me well though and I've made over $500 in 2 days which is why I have the extra money to spend on MTT's.

Enough typing for now though, it's time to play some poker.


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Major Rush

Well I just finished a 1 hour rush on the 50NL party tables. In a little under 2 hours I made $350. High pocket pairs were holding up, I was catching tons of sets which turned into boats and won me massive multi-way pots and nobody interfered when I stole pots. Whenever I had the best hand or a really good hand people were betting into me, I just had to call down to the river where I'd raise and take it down. This is the most profit I've made in a single day and I'm hoping this keeps up. Tonight at 1:00am EST I'll be playing the 30 NL MTT and I'll post the outcome after the tournaments over. I've been running hot today so maybe it'll cross over to the tournament too.


Saturday, May 08, 2004

First MTT

I just played my first MTT at Party, it was a $20+$2 buy-in tourny. I got seated and wondered why I had so many buttons. Then I saw everyone betting the blind value and raising it. I stared for a second in disbelief. I signed up for a LIMIT tournament, ****!!! What a waste of money, I hate limit. I sat in boredom and played a few hands, losing to people who rivered me continually. One guy kept calling with Q4o with a Q on the board when I had AQ, he rivered a 4 for 2 pair and put a nice dent in my stack. My next AQ hand held up as well as my rockets and I was up to 1600 with the average around 1100. The cards went cold for me, had a few pocket pairs but none hit. I ended up having to go in with 44 when I was down to 800 and tripled up to 2400. I got rockets and busted someone out and was past 3000. Cards went cold again and got rivered a couple of times to bring me down again and I busted out with TT when a person went in with K3 and hit a K. I was out in 336 out of a field of almost 1100.

It was my first MTT at Party and I was stupid enough to signup for a limit one. My mistake I guess. I'll signup for a NL one sometime soon and tell you how that one goes, hopefully much better than this one.


Friday, May 07, 2004

Venom Live Tournament

Yesterday night 2 of my friends and I traveled 1 hour to Brantford to a place right across from the Brantford Charity Casino for a tournament. About 25 people registered for a $55 buy-in. Most of these people were pretty awful but some were regulars from the 10/20 games at the casino and played really well. I didn't get many good cards during the entire time and only won a few pots to keep myself even from the start. My best hands were AA's and AQ twice, which isn't really good considering some of the cards other people were getting :) I made it to the final table though and busted out in 8th after pushing all-in preflop with 99 since the blinds would've killed me within the next orbit or so. I was called by JJ and didn't improve. My other friends were still in it though. Pete was the chip leader going into the final table and Matt was a bit abit above 2x the starting chip count. When I busted out I bought in for $30 at the side game they were having of 1/2 NL.

While I played there I looked over every once in awhile to see how they were doing. Pete who was the chip leader eventually got blinded out because his cards went cold and he couldn't do anything but try to buy a few pots which didn't work out. Matt on the other hand started doing really well, bluffing at some nice pots and winning them to get a very nice chip stack. Pete busted out after being blinded out and the last 4 players, including Matt, went to go sit at a smaller table and let the ring NL players use the nice big table. He got incredibly lucky when he went all-in on a bluff with TJQ on the board when he had an A and was called by K9. Another K came on the river to give him the nut straight and he was back in the game. Matt ended up playing a Paul Phillips look-a-like heads up for 1st prize. They both played really well but Paul Phillips was beginning to get short stacked from Matt's very aggressive play and went all-in with QT and Matt called with K9. The K held up and he took home over $700. He was nice enough to give Pete and I our buy-ins back later on in the car on the way home.

At the 1/2 NL table I was dealt AK with a raiser and a caller preflop. I only bought-in for $30 but these players were horrible, bad fish going in on nothing and having A4 hold up because the other players kicker was lower. I went all-in for about $14 and tripled up after both their hands QT, and 89 didn't improve after I hit a K on the flop. We moved to the larger table afterwards so more people could fit in. We had about 11 players at the table playing. I had a little under $30 when I looked down at JJ. UTG and UTG+1 both called and MP raised it to $5, another player went all-in for his last $8 which I called. All the previous callers and raiser both called and the flop came rags, something like 378, rainbow. The initial raiser bet $5 and I raised it to $10, he called and the other two callers folded and a Q came on the turn. I put my last few dollars in and he called. River came a K and I was sure I was going to lose. The raiser had a low pp that didn't catch. The all-iner had J7d (shrugs). I took a nice pot and was happy that there were so many fish at this table, it was like playing at PartyPoker, even worse actually. I later took another $20-$30 pot after going in on T9 in the BB with the flop of J9J, the other player had a 9 with a higher kicker also but then turn gave me a T for a higher 2 pair than his. I finished up about $70 after an hour or two of play.

We'll probably be going back there to play stakes next week since it's such easy money. They're having another tournament in 2 weeks which we'll be going to as well. We also now know exactly how to get to the casino so when my friend finally turns 19 in a month we can all go. I was going to drop in just to see the games and see how it is but by that time my friend was already tired since it was about 2:30am and he just wanted to go home. The drive home was full of talk about how we all played, mistakes we made and really good plays we did. In the end we had a really good time, it was lots of fun, it was a great learning experience, and we can't wait to do it again.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Why I Love PartyPoker

Four people were in a pot, in the end two win with 85 and get a straight, one was in the blind though. After they both split the pot this is what they said.

Player: cant believe you called that though, at least i was in the blind
Fish: but mine was suited

'mine was suited' Yes, this is why I love Party Poker, because of players like that!

Keep on fishing!

Bankroll Status

I've updated my bankroll stats as you can see on the left. Yesterday I finished another good day at Party Poker where I recently started playing at. I initially deposited $400, at Party after making a mistake and accidentally depositing $200 twice due to a browser error, and have worked that up to over $800 within about a week. In total I've earned over $1500.00 since I've started playing poker in mid-March. I find that I'm progressing well and moving up in limits when I feel comfortable that I can play with the higher limit players as well as play without being scared of losing my money. The only problem I find with Party is that there are many swings. Who else has to go through lots of swings on Party, do you play NL or limit, and what stakes? Yesterday I played the entire day and dropped over $100 but I then ended up winning it all back in the evening and much more. Everyday seems to be like that, up a little down a little (a lot too). In the end I come out on top usually but these Party folks sure know how to give me a bad beat and take away lots of my earnings for the day in one hand.

Today my friend is trying to skip work so we can go play in a live tournament held in a real poker room. If I go this will be the first time playing in live organized tournament. The buy-in is $55 CAD (which is like $.07 USD) and I think that's worth it to get some live experience against unknowns in preparation for future events that I'll be attending. If we do go, which I really hope we do, I'll update you all on how that goes.


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Big Losses, Even Bigger Win

After struggling all day today with cards going cold and not hitting when I did have the cards I finally managed to make a big win. I was down around 80 after being wiped out twice when my high pp's didn't hold up and I got busted by some weird straight on the board or something. Then this hand came up and wow I was so happy when I won, I was literally dancing in my seat. I really needed this to make up for my losses and then some. I've moved up to the $50 NL tables by the way.

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $1 BB (10 handed)

UTG+2 ($45.50)
MP1 ($42.50)
MP2 ($46.85)
MP3 ($44.28)
CO ($53.90)
Denis ($60.80)
SB ($27.70)
BB ($65.65)
UTG ($35)
UTG+1 ($146.19)

Preflop: Denis is Button with 3c, 3s.
UTG folds, UTG+1 calls $1, UTG+2 folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, MP3 raises to $3, CO folds, Denis calls $3, SB folds, BB folds, UTG+1 calls $2.

Flop: ($10.50) 3h, 8s, 9h (3 players)
UTG+1 checks, MP3 bets $6, Denis calls $6, UTG+1 calls $6.

Turn: ($28.50) Qs (3 players)
UTG+1 bets $10, MP3 raises to $20, Denis raises to $30, UTG+1 calls $20, MP3 raises to $35.28 (All-In), Denis raises to $40.56, UTG+1 calls $10.56.

River: ($144.90) 6c (3 players, 1 all-in)
UTG+1 checks, Denis checks.

Final Pot: $144.90
Main Pot: $134.34, between MP3, Denis and UTG+1. > Pot won by Denis ($134.34).
Pot 2: $10.56, between Denis and UTG+1. > Pot won by Denis ($10.56).

Results below:
UTG+1 shows Js As (high card, ace).
MP3 shows Ks Kh (one pair, kings).
Denis shows 3c 3s (three of a kind, threes).
Outcome: Denis wins $144.90.

At the turn when the MP3 raises all-in and I reraise I thought I was all-in and on the river I checked for some reason, thinking I was all-in already. In the end I still won a big pot and I was happy :).


Monday, May 03, 2004

Good Start To The Day

Well I just sat down at a nice $25PL table, enough callers and raisers. I sit down to rockets and people are re-raising me preflop which is great. Here's the hand history.

Party Poker Pot-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (8 handed)

UTG ($121.76)
UTG+1 ($32.25)
MP1 ($22.25)
Denis ($25)
CO ($71.14)
Button ($22.50)
SB ($5.90)
BB ($24.50)

Preflop: Denis is MP2 with As, Ah. Denis posts a blind of $0.50.
UTG folds, UTG+1 folds, MP1 folds, Denis (poster) raises to $1.75, CO folds, Button raises to $3.5, SB raises to $5.9 (All-In), BB calls $5.40, Denis raises to $25 (All-In), Button folds, BB calls $18.60 (All-In).

Flop: ($58.90) Jh, 4d, Kd (3 players, 3 all-in)

Turn: ($58.90) Kh (3 players, 3 all-in)

River: ($58.90) Ac (3 players, 3 all-in)

Final Pot: $58.90
Main Pot: $21.20, between Denis, SB and BB. > Pot won by Denis ($21.20).
Pot 2: $37.20, between Denis and BB. > Pot won by Denis ($37.20).
Pot 3: $0.50, overbet by Denis.

Results below:
SB shows Tc Qd (straight, ace high).
BB shows Ad Ks (full house, kings full of aces).
Denis shows As Ah (full house, aces full of kings).
Outcome: Denis wins $58.90.

Preflop there were too many people trying to see it, even with the raises so I decided I needed as many people out and I was willing to just take what they had already put in, something like $15, maybe a little less. I got incredibly lucky on the river especially with the two K's showing up.

First Place Finish

Last night we had a 7 player tourny at my friends house, they have a weekly game every Sunday and now that I'm back at home I got to play with them. My roommate who I mentioned in previous posts was there too. There were two big fish there, they'd call and bet with anything, but you could never tell if they were just going in on anything or actually had a good hand for once. I started out very aggressive and went against the fish once when I had AQs and the board came QT7. I went out betting just hoping to take it right there and he called, I thought he had nothing at first. Turn came a rag and I bet pot again, as soon as I saw him grumble and think for awhile I knew he had something big, he called. River was another T and he checked hoping I would bet again but I didn't. He had pocket 7's for a boat. This was a major blow to my stack early on so I had to tighten up.

5 players left and I pick up AJs (spades) on the button. 4 people were in it and the board came all spades. This was perfect, especially with the fish acting right before me. Everyone checks to him and he goes all-in, I call and he shows top pair, idiot. I knock him out and take the chip lead. 4 people left now and the short stack goes all-in with his puny stack. My roommate raises and I call with KJ of clubs. Flop are all rags with 2 clubs on the board. Roommate goes out betting but not very much. At this point I just want another club to fall. He raised quickly preflop so I knew he had a pretty good hand and wanted me out of the pot. AK, AQ or AJ I guessed. I call his bet and the turn is another club. He quickly goes all-in (??). I call and he turns over AKo, I really didn't think he had the A high club flush. I knock both players out and we're heads up for first.

It was back and forth for awhile, I stole some of his blinds, he stole some of mine. Did a couple limp-reraise with nothing just to take some money from him. I pick up 22 and he goes all-in. At this point we've already been playing poker for 5 hours and people were complaining about wanting to go home and go to bed, so I call. He turns over 55 and I think I'm going to be short stacked. Flop brings a 2 though and his hand doesn't improve. I won and took home $100.

Tonight I'll be playing a lot on Party, 4 tabling the $25NL and hopefully get some big wins because I really haven't had anything good in awhile. I've only made about $150 since coming to Party and my progress is too slow for me. I'll keep you updated on how I do tonight.


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Strong Hands Aren't Holding Up

I'm finally at home for the summer, I have my PokerTracker setup and I'm ready for action. After importing around 600 hands from tonight, the hands that have lost me the most money were some of the strongest starting hands. JJ's has lost me the most and AKo and KK aren't far behind. The board turns out horrible for me and I end up losing to some stupid flush, that's poker for you. Actually, that's more like "Party" poker for you. I guess I'm going to have to buy PokerTracker since I've only been playing for a few hours and I'll probably be hitting the cap soon. Other than that there isn't much news. I'm only up maybe $40 for the day after hitting the 70 mark and losing it all within a few hands after losing my JJ, KK, and AA all in a row on all my tables, what luck!


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